Ron Paul Campaign Scoops Up Major GOP Pollster

The campaign of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has scored a major coup with the hiring on of heavyweight GOP pollster Fritz Wenzel, and his polling firm Wenzel Strategies to run its polling operations.

“I am very proud and excited to be a part of the Ron Paul presidential team,” Wenzel said. “He has long stood strong for the core principles that have made our country great, and have made the Republican Party great when they heeded them.”

“What makes Ron Paul such a strong candidate is his willingness to stand on principle, which has attracted more people to his message, to the point that the other candidates are now taking up his issues. At a time when our country is in great peril, voters are looking for a candidate who will turn to and rely on the wisdom of the Constitution, and there is no better student of that document than Ron Paul,” Wenzel continued.

About Wenzel Strategies:

Wenzel Strategies is an Ohio-based firm headed by Fritz Wenzel. The firm has political, media, business, government, and non-profit clients nationwide. In the 2010 election cycle, it polled dozens of important races across the country, including for the successful Rand Paul campaign for U.S. Senate from Kentucky. It has also polled several races for Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund and various congressional races. In addition to polling, Wenzel Strategies provides clients with strategic communications consultation.


  • Beatrice Smith

    As Catholic, it is imperative for me and my children to have a leader who stands ALWAYS for the principles of liberty, justice, and happiness for ALL.

    My family has been on the Libertarian side because its principles are parallel to the principles of the Catholic Church. I’m pretty sure Paul will defend the inalienable rights of the human being, acknowledging that without the first right, there can’t be any other rights.

    I’m unemployed for the first time in my life because I’m over 40 years of age. Does discrimination against age exist within Paul’s Party? I hope not. For this reason as for me and my family will support Ron Paul for president of the USA.