Ron Paul: The Power Elite Is Scared and Won’t Go Away Quietly


Alex Jones: Well, we’ve got Congressman Ron Paul for the next 20 minutes, and I know he’s the hardest working person in the Congress, and I feel a little guilty taking his time up, but he’s got so much important information and I know our audience is always chomping at the bit whenever he joins us. Normally he joins us every month, but now every couple of months because he’s so busy. And I’ve got a whole list of things to cover here: the wars, the constitutional crisis, the TSA, the dirty tricks the media have been running on Ron Paul. And he’s a good sportsman so he never really talks about it, but I think it needs to be discussed. But obviously he’s a presidential candidate, He’s the only candidate that is a constitutionalist, and who has the solutions to help get this country on the right track. All the others are rhinos or globalists or neo-cons, and we’ve got to get behind Ron Paul. But thank God he ran for president, because by running he’s injecting real issues. We’ve got him for the next 20 minutes, and then he’s gone.

Sir, there’s so much to cover, but the Financial Times says the dollar is seen losing global reserve status. The bankers are engaged in economic terrorism in Greece; now they’re saying, it’s going to spread here; the recession never ended. You’ve been proven right again, Sir. What can you say, since you’re on the banking committee, about the state of the world economy right now?

Ron Paul: I think it’s sick and getting sicker. I did read one article, and you probably saw it today, in which they said the dollar, as the reserve standard of the world, will be coming to an end, and they added, “… within 25 years”. I would suggest that it’s going to come much sooner. I just don’t believe it will last for 25 years where it will be the dominant reserve currency of the world. But the column, though, is about who’s going to pick up the pieces. They’re getting together and they’re trying to have another international paper currency put together, but then they draw a few tidbits and said, “Maybe we ought to put a little bit of gold into that as well.” But the problems we have are really very overwhelming, they cannot sustain this, so I would say it’s not going to be 25 years, but I don’t know, nobody knows exactly the date. But it could come sooner, a lot sooner. It could come a year or two or who knows when, it depends on what events might arise. But the problem they face is the same that we face when we’re trying to figure it out; is the dollar a terrible currency? But when you compare it to the Euro that helped to bail out the Greek economy, you know, all of a sudden people look to it because traditionally we’ve been so strong economically and militarily, that they say, “Well, at least we can park our money in treasury bills for another month or two or three.” But someday they’re going to run out of this, and the momentum will be against the dollar. And not too many years ago, the dollar got in big trouble and we had to go begging to the IMF, and that was in 1979 and 1980 when the people thought they’d lose control. But the time is coming and that will be a much bigger event than we’ve just experienced from 2008 up until now and the current crisis that we’re in the middle of, because I think it will just drive us that much deeper into economic crisis.

Alex Jones: Well, the Chinese, as you know, just two weeks ago, said the United States has already technically defaulted. The Federal Reserve is buying most of the T bills, and for the average layman out there, it’s like, “Why does that concern me?” Well, that’s the fate and credit of the United States. And that’s a tactic, I’ve seen, where they’ll say in 10 years or 25 years on something that’s going to happen, to introduce the idea to you so you accept it, but don’t panic. A lot of the experts I read and who’ve been accurate in the past, say 2 or 3 years. But then they point out, it’s a global concerted devaluation, so it’s not even that the dollar is going to lose its reserve, it’s just going to lose its value.

Ron Paul: That’s right. And they’re trying to frighten the members of Congress into voting to raise the debt limit like they did with the bailout, when they said, “The end of the world will come. There will be a default.” But our country is known for defaults. I mean, all the way back to the Civil War period, they defaulted on promising to pay gold. We did it in the 1930s with Roosevelt, then we did it to all foreigners in 1971 when we said, “Yes, we promised you an ounce of gold for $35, but we’re not going to do it anymore.” So even now, they keep saying we have to raise it because we don’t want to default on the debt. But if prices are going up for the average person, which they are, and they’re probably going up 5% to 10% at least at the minimum, somebody’s defaulting constantly. That means they’re losing 10% on the dollar every year, and it will get much worse. So that is the default. But that’s the deception; matter of fact it’s deliberate policy because they know what we know; they know the debt can’t be paid, there’s no way they can meet their .. there’s not enough people working to pay off the debt.

Alex Jones: But the private central banks get first use on the money and so they’re more than happy. And as we get more bankrupt, they’re going to be there loaning us whatever the new currency system is in the future so they come out on top with their new vaunted Bank of the World that George Soros says is going to save us.

Ron Paul: Yea, and they pay 0% interest on it, and then they buy some of this government debt and do these kinds of things, and they make 2%, 3%, 4%. But, you know, if you’re retired and think you have this obligation to take care of yourself and say, “I want to have a CD because I can’t trust the stocks or anything else”, they get cheated because they make essentially nothing on their savings and then they have to pay taxes on it, and then they wonder why the people don’t take better care of themselves. But it’s a deeply flawed system; it’s a deeply flawed system of money and the welfarism and central economic planning through the Federal Reserve. It’s all deeply flawed, and though many of us have talked about this for many, many years, it’s coming to fruition, and most people are realizing it. It’s also the reason that especially the young people are realizing how much they’ve been dumped on. And I know you reach a lot of year people as well, talking about how they’re getting ripped off because there’s no way. Even if they could get a job, they can’t pay off these obligations, but they’re not getting any good jobs. So we are really, really facing a major problem, and there has to be a dollar crisis coming in our future.

Alex Jones: Absolutely. Well, what about Bernanke last week saying he’s puzzled that the economy isn’t getting better. You, with total precision, had predicted exactly what would happen because it was sound laws of economics. Bernanke knows full well, as you just said, they know what they’re doing, and telling us we’re not in a recession. I mean, that’s another lie. Congressman, shifting gears into the campaign, you are the only candidate who, decades ago, was telling the truth about issues. Now in the presidential race, you’re the only one who’s telling the truth and who has the track record of being trusted. Mitt Romney helped write what became Obama Care. The rest of them … I mean, this is a pack of people who are just completely unqualified at this point. We’ve got CNN ignoring their own polls and running internet polls with 54 people and then showing you for 0 on the Ron Paul show that you won. You’re winning most of the straw polls, you’re second in New Hampshire. I hear mainline conservative radio talking about Republican candidates, they won’t even mention you, despite the fact that you’re right there in the top 3 candidates. That shows that the system is scared of you. What can you say to the dirty tricks that they’ve be trying to pull on you?

Ron Paul: I don’t think you can stop them. I mean, they have too much power and control because they own the media and they own a lot of these outlets. So talking to people like you will help get the truth out, but also the internet is a good way to do this. But, as bad as the system is, it still operates reasonably well. That is, over the years, I’ve been able to run for Congress and get elected. And now I am still able to compete even up against these odds and these tricks, because we can get in and get organized and our numbers are growing, we’re able to raise some money that is necessary and we continue to do that as long as we keep adding volunteers and are able to raise the money. We are going to compete, but obviously it is more difficult because there’s still a large number of people, if not even the majority, who get their information from the evening news, the ordinary news, right from their politicians. And if they can discredit you, you don’t get credibility. In the last go around, the first two major debates, one right before I won New Hampshire, they excluded me from the debates. This year, they’re not going to be able to do it. So we have made progress and that’s been because there’s a growing number of people who are on to their tricks and are watching rather closely and they’re going to hear from the supporters if they start doing that. So in spite of the obstacles, our job is to keep doing what we’re doing and just gain supporters.

Alex Jones: Well, I want to talk about some of the things on the positive front, and specifically the websites and how people need to get involved now. But you, at the start of the race last time, weren’t even in the top 10, and then you were in the top 4 or 5. Now, out of the gates, you’re winning most of the straw polls. You’ve won the big coveted C-PAC two years in a row. So Fox cuts to a year old clip of you being booed. I mean, all sorts of tricks. It is a showing that they’re scared of you, showing you are viable. The new talking point is not you’re viable, you’re fighting for credibility, which again is just a pure hoax. If you just look at the polls and the numbers, they are horrified of you, and we have Jim Tucker and others that have given us sterling intel from the inside Bilderberg, that for the last 5 years running, you are discussed every year. And they say even if Ron Paul doesn’t win, it’s the third rail in colleges now; not liberalism or fake conservatism, but true freedom. You’re in the debates, you’re exposing the imperial presidency, you’re exposing the dollar devaluation. I mean, they are like vampires to a cross. And Ron Paul is the cross; they are scared of you.

Ron Paul: Well, I don’t know how scared they are, I think they do have concerns. But the one place where we think they’re revealing that our side is making progress, is they’re starting to support some of our positions, whether it’s backing off on some of this warmongering stuff, or saying some things about auditing the Fed. So we’re making progress. And what they believe is if they just appeal or neutralize that a little bit and they can get elected, once they’re elected they can support the same policies, they don’t have to follow through with the policies. So they recognize our views are popular but they also know that you can say a lot of things in a campaign, and as long as we elect their particular kind of people, they don’t have to follow through on their promises.

Alex Jones: That was my next point. While they’re attacking you, and they’re saying that you’re weak when you’re the opposite, even mainstream media admits that suddenly the entire Republican field is acting and talking like Ron Paul. So when they can’t beat you, they try to counterfeit you.

Ron Paul: Yea, and they certainly wouldn’t say, “Well, you know, he has a good point there,” but I think the laughing and ridicule is going to go away. So far it’s gone away, and I don’t know whether they’ll go back to that or not. So there’s reason for us to say that there’s good reason to keep doing exactly what we’re doing and using what is available to us. Which radio shows and which internet programs and there’s just a lot available to us. It’s not like when there were just 3 major networks and hardly anybody on talk radio who would defend our position. So that’s where I’m optimistic, but on the short run there are days when I think about the overwhelming problems we face. And we’re just starting to see what happens when the government can’t come through, such as in places like Greece where the promises just can’t be fulfilled. People get angry. That’s going to be happening here, too.

Alex Jones: Well, there’s a good chance you’re going to become president, but regardless, we’ve got to supercharge your campaign so you can be at the very forefront the entire time, injecting real issues, so that as the implosion comes in the future, people will know what you said. And our movement for liberty, with you as our focal point, will be that much bigger and stronger to offer real solutions. And we’ll end up having a President Paul one way or the other. So folks need to have a long term vision; do you agree with that?

Ron Paul: Absolutely, we have to have a long term plan because nothing happens overnight. And if you would have asked me 5 years ago how far along we would be in this effort, I would not have been very optimistic that we could have achieved what we have so far. So things are moving, but it means that we still have a long way to go, too. And there’s lots up for grabs, and when people lose power, they can get pretty, pretty nasty because they do not want to give up the power. The people who control the money and the system and the appropriations process and the international affairs and all these things will not go away quietly, they will be pretty determined to cling to their power.

Alex Jones: Kicking and screaming. Alright, we’ve only got 4 or 5 minutes left, so I’m running through these quick questions. What surprised me was Congressman Adler, a big Democrat, coming out and saying, “Obama is becoming an emperor.” Just as you said weeks ago, the last nail in the Republic’s coffin was if Congress lets the president not even consult Congress and say, “My authority comes from the U.N.; I’ve done this for the legitimacy of the U.N.” Sir, is that not seditious? Is that not treason? Is it not impeachable what President Obama has done with this whole Libya thing? And now they’re getting the ground invasion ready.

Ron Paul: Oh, sure. In a different age it would have been impeachable and it would have probably fallen true, but up until recent years they’ve either gotten permission or token permission. But it’s been bad for a while. Truman certainly did not do anything to notify Congress, he just marched in under U.N. into Korea. And they got token permission for Vietnam and these other events. But once again, they went into Bosnia with no permission, no consultation, and this is the same way in Libya. You know, although the Congress is waking up and there’s a pretty good coalition of liberals and conservative (Republicans and Democrats) coming together and trying to slow this thing up and say the president has no right to do this. At the same time, on this D.O.D. budget authorization, they inserted in there an expansion of the power. Actually if it’s passed by the Senate and put into a law, we’ve literally legalized it. We put it into the code, even though it’s not in the constitution, that the president doesn’t have to come to us. They’ve expanded the definition of our “enemy.” Today it’s Al-Qaida and they’re allowed to do almost anything there. But they’ve expanded it to include the Taliban and anything which is considered an “associated forces.” The president has the right to go after them, no matter what country, including our own. So this, to me, was one of the most dangerous changes in our law and it has given legitimacy to our President on what he’s been doing. And, of course, there’s not much resistance either from the Republicans or the Democrats on this, but hopefully we can wake the American people up to that change.

Alex Jones: What about Obama admittedly going to have Feds pose as people calling doctors to see if they’re taking Medicare, Medicaid patients, which is their right to not do, as you know. This is really freaking doctors out that now the Feds are going to be spying on them.

Ron Paul: Yes, and I would assume that most people don’t realize that’s against the law to do those kinds of things. I mean, why should they violate the privacy of the doctor-patient relationship and come in as fake? It’s fraud, it’s deceitful. And what kind of punishment might these doctors get? What if the doctor said, “I don’t take Medicare patients”? Who knows what kind of list you get put on there. But no, that’s just one thing that leads to the next, there’s always unintended consequences. Every time the government does one thing, they create 2 or 3 new problems.

Alex Jones: Congressman, I just have a couple of questions left here, and then we’re going to ask you how we can support the campaign again. Operation Fast and Furious, just to remind our listeners: they had the ATF caught lying to Congress saying they didn’t know, now we have the emails and memorandum that they were running the operation to ship guns into Mexico, to then claim that we’re causing the violence down there. It was a form of false flag, a staged event to frame the 2nd amendment. He’s caught lying. Can you, or others, call for congressional hearings and haul these people up and expose what the dreaded ATF has done?

Ron Paul: Oh, I’m sure that would be legitimate if somebody is so motivated. I don’t happen to be on that particular committee, but yes, government oversight could do that, they could call up and get to the bottom of it. But I haven’t heard a whole lot of talk; I don’t have any special information on that, but they certainly can and they certainly should.

Alex Jones: In closing, on the political issues, there’s new reports out in mainstream television and newspapers that cancer is surging in body scan operators of the TSA at the Boston Airport. It’s been for seven years, and they they’ve had an internal cover up of the fact that they know that radiation is leaking out of these body scanners. Could this be the nail in the coffin of this federal TSA that they knowingly are not following radiation rules or radiology rules that you’d follow in your practice?

Ron Paul: Well, let’s hope so, but this is sad that they have to come to that conclusions after somebody is made sick or gets cancer. But the big thing is we got to get the government out of that business, so if they get rid of the machines, then they’re going to do a lot more probing and prodding and poking everybody. So it’s really tragic. I think what’s happening at airports is the litmus test. If the American people can sit back and look at some of those pictures and not be outraged and not demand changes … when I see that, that’s when I have some pessimistic thoughts about what’s going to happen to this country. So let’s hope that those pictures will so outrage the people that we’ll end up doing something about it.

Alex Jones: Speaking of the TSA, I’ve got sources inside the Rick Perry campaign and at Fox News. As you know, Rick Perry, the Governor, is planning to run, I would imagine you got the same intel. And he’s going to run on a Ron Paul platform, so he’s really got to be the guy you face, from our analysis. And Rick Perry quietly tried to kill the good bill’ they’ve re-written it where he actually puts in the code that the TSA can do this now in Texas. And they’re calling it an anti-TSA bill, kind of like what we saw with the War Powers double speak of saying they’re against what Obama’s doing, but trying to give him the power.

Ron Paul: Right. That’s typical. That’s why you can never look what they do on the surface. When the people want something done, they’ll pass a bill and they’ll do the opposite. Whether it was the War Powers Resolution, or this recent episode of the bill they tried to pass, which literally legalized the war. So that’s what they do, and then they claim victory …

Alex Jones: What’s your view of Perry?

Ron Paul: Well, I might have shaken hands with him, but I don’t remember that. So I don’t know him well personally, but I would think that he and I wouldn’t have much in agreement on policies.

Alex Jones: Well, he was Al Gore’s former campaign manager in Texas, I don’t think that’s a very good …

Ron Paul: That will tell a few people something.

Alex Jones: Oh, Congressman, you seemed really happy – because you’re always so focused because I know you’re a very disciplined man – when I talked to you in the break before you came live, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you so happy. Am I right in that? I mean, you said, “I’m sad for the country, but overall I’m happy that folks are starting to wake up.” I mean, you are happy?

Ron Paul: Yea, I am. And things personally with family and everything have been going pretty well. And that’s what I guess cheers me up.

Alex Jones: Well, thank you, Sir. In closing, because I’ve got millions of listeners, a lot of new big stations across the country. We’re not talking to just a million every day, we’re talking to 3 million everyday on the radio alone, not just the internet later. We’re reaching about 10 million people a week. Talking to the millions of new listeners who never heard you in the long form, they heard you on TV being interrupted constantly, what can they do to be part of this second American revolution, or the restoration of the Republican? Give us the orders from the headquarters, what do we do to supercharge a campaign that’s already on fire?

Ron Paul: Well, in very general terms, slightly separate from the campaign, what everybody has to do is be informed. Get the information and find out where the problem is and what the answers are, and why philosophy is important. When they’re informed and they have to do something, then they can make choices. They can get involved directly, they can become candidates or support candidates, they can get into education, they can get radio talk shows, they can get on the internet to promote this message. But then when it comes to more specific for what I have been doing, we had the educational opportunities through my foundation as well as Campaign for Liberty, but right now we are very much engaged in a presidential campaign. People who are interested in that can go to and find out what they can do, because that’s where we need the help. We need people to volunteer, we need to raise money and right now the next big event for us is to try to find people in Iowa. If anybody knows anybody in Iowa who would be willing to support us and make an effort and come out on August 13th, that would be very helpful to us.

Alex Jones: And when’s the next money bomb? And folks can give right now at

Ron Paul: Well, there is an effort right now because on the 30th of this month the books close, and you know that report on who raised what will be significant because it will be blasted all over the country. And we won’t be the biggest fund raiser, but we’re going to have raised a lot. But they were trying to first push for 3 million, then somebody said maybe we can raise 5 million, and I think it’s not quite at 4 million right now. So over the next couple of days we’re hoping to boost that up and have a good showing for the financial reports of this quarter.

Alex Jones: Alright, Congressman, thank you so much. We’ll talk to you again soon. Thank you so much.

Ron Paul: Thank you.

Alex Jones: Alright, there goes Congressman Ron Paul, ladies and gentlemen. Very, very exciting information and great to have him on the broadcast with us today.

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  • We need to put Ron Paul in a bullet proof bubble. He speaks the truth and will have to be stopped by the elites some how. RON PAUL 2012!!