We just crossed the $4 million mark! Thank you so much for…

“We just crossed the $4 million mark! Thank you so much for your support. Can we make it to $5 million today? If you can, please consider chipping in now. If we are going to win this we have to raise money early. Ron Paul 2012 Secure Donation Site secure.ronpaul2012.com Congressman Ron Paul’s official 2012 Presidential Campaign Site. “Ron Paul

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  • Kenny from Scotland

    People over here in Scotland are talking about Ron Paul. Cumon Ron…I also tried to make a contribution but cant as Im not American it seems or am I wrong?


    • Amy

      No, you can’t vote unless you’re American. It could help if you spread the word to any American’s that may be there! Thanks for the support!

      • PeoplePower

        But we have an illegal president isn’t that ironic

  • Shooter McGavinn

    Ron Paul? More like RON JEREMY! Let’s do thi baby LOL

  • Richard Jones

    We fought the BANKS before.

    We can fight them again.

    Let’s all vote for RON PAUL


  • Billy Bublitz

    I was able to throw 100 in to the pot not. Its not a lot and I wish I had more to offer….

    For Liberty!