Allow Israel and Palestine to Solve Their Own Problems

Ron Paul’s statement on H Res 268, Reaffirming the United States commitment to a negotiated settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

Ron Paul: Mr. Speaker I rise in opposition to this resolution. While I certainly share the hope for peace in the Middle East and a solution to the ongoing conflict, I do not believe that peace will result if we continue to do the same things while hoping for different results. The US has been involved in this process for decades, spending billions of dollars we do not have, yet we never seem to get much closer to a solution. I believe the best solution is to embrace non-interventionism, which allows those most directly involved to solve their own problems.

This resolution not only further entangles the US in the Israeli/Palestinian dispute, but it sets out the kind of outcome the United States would accept in advance. While I prefer our disengagement from that conflict, I must wonder how the US expects to be seen as an “honest broker” when it dictates the terms of a solution in such a transparently one-sided manner?

In the resolution before us, all demands are made of only one side in the conflict. Do supporters of this resolution really believe the actors in the Middle East and the rest of the world do not notice? We do no favors to the Israelis or to the Palestinians when we involve ourselves in such a manner and block any negotiations that may take place without US participation. They have the incentives to find a way to live in peace and we must allow them to find that solution on their own. As always, congressional attitudes toward the peace process in the Middle East reveal hubris and self-importance. Only those who must live together in the Middle East can craft a lasting peace between Israel and Palestine.


  • PeoplePower

    I agree let them sort it out themselves, they don’t dictate to the usa how to do things.

    Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • Issa

    I support Ron Paul, but I dont support the illegal state of Israel which has commited great atrocities to the Palestinians and still continues to do so. And why should the US support Israel? There was another land designated for the jews before Israel and it was not occupied by anyone. It is also known as the state of Birobidjan- the original jewish homeland.

  • Issa

    @ Adam

    Then if Israel is the “holy land rite” of the jews because thats where “God” wanted the jews to live, then all you whites get the fuck out of America! Because thats the land of the native Americans and God placed them there first Dick Head!

  • Douglas

    Fool. Israel is not and never will be a piece on land.

    • Douglas

      Israel is an Ancient word that means ‘MANKIND’. The tribes of Jude and Levi were brought out of exile through Abraham and then by Joseph into Egypt by command of the most high God within the center of our Galaxy. To take the tribes of Jude and Levi out of exile and gave them a flame with the one True God. They were given the flame of God to carry civilization out of Egypt, from which the Pharos had been taken over by the black occultist and were doomed to the volcanic disruptions.

      However, Moses broke the first set of ‘TABS of the first set of teachings. Do not worry you know they are within the DEAD SEAS SCROLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Look the Ashkenazi’s hijack the Jews for political and financial reasons. God foretold this situation within the message to the Church of Philadelphia (The United States of America).

      • Douglas

        (seeing the true beautiful Palestinian Jewish women today splashing in the waves was a real treat)

        • Douglas

          OK this is a sticky subject, and one that seems to hold influence over the Final Battle of Armageddon. It is not that the Jews and Arabs are at War, and it is not that the Muslims and Christians are at War as much as it is the ones who control International Monetary Policy are the true creators of war through their irresponsible unconstitutional issuances and their plans for World Domination and Control.

          We are all God’s Children, there is no ‘Lost Ten Tribes’. The other Ten Tribes that comprise Humanity other than the tribes of Jude and Levi are simply the rest of Humanity. So bringing the tribes of Jude and Levi out of Exile was to bring them back into Israel (Humanity). Again, Israel is not a piece of land, it is an ancient word that means Mankind, the first twelve tribes of Humanity that survived and migrated after the destruction of Eden.

          Melchizedek allowed the Body he took over upon baptism ( the body of Jesus) to be given up at ransom and crucified to help ‘some’ get over their resentment for being put into Exile by Him ‘Melchizedek’, some were not satisfied. Melchizedek also used the event to announce planned out coming of The ‘Nation of God on Earth’ and introduced several important teachings of ‘Virtue’. After Jesus ‘took back over his body that Melchizedek left on the cross, he traveled to the Americas to let the tribes of those lands know what was too come upon them.

          Previously, King David completed the mission for the Jews when He brought the tribes of Jude and Levi together into a Nation. I bevile That was Gods desire for these tribes, was to rehabilitate them through the knowledge and power they learned while in Egypt and to give them the Ark of civilization and let them regain their confidence as Nation Builders. This is the very interesting plan, one that took many thousands of years too complete. I believe it was very successful, and the tribes of Jude and Levi have naturally joined back into Israel (Mankind the rest of US), Humanity. The Ultimate goal of our Celestial Host is in the ‘Melting Pot’ of Humanity and The United States of America is a ‘prototype’.

          These lessons are complications created by Babylon Captivity and the lost ability to properly interpret the Books of Moses. Overbearingly, it becomes extremely complicated when ‘groups’ set themselves aside as being the Elite Master Race or the tragic event that ‘groups’ side with Demonic Forces.

  • Stefan C. Kosikowski

    This video makes it pretty clear.

    Thumbs up for the video, the Ron Paul supporters who put the video together, and please pass the URL along to all your friends.


  • Channie Kahan

    Dear Dr. Paul,

    I have only recently had my eyes opened to Liberty, the Constitution and You, Sir! I support you, I have precinct walked for you… I truly love you! 🙂
    I am Jewish and I agree with everything you say here. But, on the net and from FB friends, I continually hear that you are an anti semitic. I don’t believe it but I wish you would publicly say something about it to squash it.
    I am so tired of hearing people say this about you.
    Please publicly renounce anti semitism.

    Thank you,

    Channie Kahan

    • Douglas

      Asking this question to Ron Paul is an insult to him and to all the people who support him. In America we are All Gods Children and Ron Paul will never be partial or impartial to any one tribe comprising Humanity. Real Jews live everywhere and care not about some Holy Land Rite!

      • Adam

        Actually, as a Real Jew, Tea Partier & Ron Paul Supporter, I do believe that Israel is the Home of the Jewish people. I agree with Ron, that this administration’s involvement in Israeli-Palestinian relations has not helped Israel’s fight for survival, nor has it helped the “Palestinian” people. If you do not understand why Israel is a “holy land rite” of the Jewish people, then you must not know the chronological history of the Bible & the Abrahamic religions. This similar concept of “land rites” can be found in America as “Manifest Destiny”. Israel, along with all other Nations, should not need or receive Billions in foreign aid from our government, but Israel is a key Ally for us, & always has been in a Region where the other nations attack us. Israel, must always be a close Ally & we should defend our allies in War when necessary.