Ron Paul: America on the Road to Serfdom


John Stossel: Serf, anyway, well in medieval times the serfs were peasants who worked the land but could never own their land or really prosper because most everything they produced was essentially confiscated by their controllers, the Aristocracy and that is what’s happening today. So as presidential candidate Ron Paul except today’s Aristocracy is the government and the political class and as it grows, it turns us into serfs, so really Congressman, serfs?

Ron Paul: I think so, I think we give more to the government now than the serfs had to give to their government. But it’s more deceitful now because people still think they own their land and they own their life but they have to work hard and turn most of it over to the government. So no, I think he was on to something, matter of fact the road to serfdom was probably the first serious economic book that I read, he was the one that got me interested and I felt very fortunate that on one visit he had in the early 1980s to Washington DC, I was fortunate enough to have dinner with him, so I feel an attachment to him intellectually. He was absolutely right on the road to serfdom, so we’re in serious trouble and if we don’t take good advice from economists like Hayek, things are going to get a lot worse, the serfdom that we are suffering from is going to get much worse and there’s going to be a lot more people suffering the consequences.

John Stossel: And you talked about how maybe we give more to the government than even the serfs did, it makes me think of the Bible which says the Israelites wanted a King and they were told “you don’t want a King, he’ll take 10% of your grain” 10% would be good now, now we’re paying 40% state and local included.

Ron Paul: Yes and that was in 1st Samuel in Chapter 8 and he talked about taxation and dependency and taking young people and young men and women and using for the benefit of the king and fighting unnecessary wars, so I think even Samuel knew something about the road to serfdom as well.

John Stossel: I think most Americans would say “we’re not serfs and we want to take care of people, we’re a rich country, we can afford to help people.”

Ron Paul: And for a long time we were, we had so much wealth was produced by the freedoms that we did have, then we lived off what we had saved and we lived off our image, now we live off our military power which conveys strength, but we also live off the fact that there’s still a lot of trust is us and hope for us and they still allow us to print money endlessly. But common sense tells us that you cannot prevail by believing this myth that you can create wealth out of thin air that spending is good and debt is beneficial.

John Stossel: You’re personally finding some of the spending, you just returned $141,000 in unspent office funds to the treasury toward paying down the debt, it’s a step in the right direction. Why don’t other politicians do that? Have any others done that?

Ron Paul: I would think so but I don’t know exactly of money talks in Washington and we pretend that we are going to take care of people, it’s all based on good intentions, that we’re rich enough, we can take care of everybody but most people don’t realize if really care and if you’re really compassionate, you’ll defend the cause of liberty because it is liberty and free markets and sound money and property rights creates the wealth, then we’d all be better off if we endorse those views.

John Stossel: Thank you Dr. Ron.


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    Just get Obamas ugly mug out of the office. Tired of turning on the TV and seeing his fake smile.

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    frack this guy is smart. stossel references the bible, and this guy does one better and references the verse and chapter! ha! awesome! except for his isolationism, i really really like ron paul!!

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    Vote for Ron Paul people wake up!!!!

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    Get out there and vote!!

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    Ron Paul one of the only humans in the termination machine known as the government Dr Ron Paul 2012

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    Ron Paul is a Prophet of God.

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    Sending support to Dr. Paul from Canada! Ron Paul 2012!

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    The lords aren’t just the government officials, they are the corporations and filthy rich who get billions of taxes back and own the lobbies which own the politicians.

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    man ron paul is THE SMARTEST politician i have ever seen!!!!!!
    and he actually back up his words with action

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    Ron paul 2012 bitches!!!

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    Ron Paul in 2012. We need him. If we elect Ron Paul, we are electing a president not another Emperor. It’s about damn time too.

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    Repeal the 16th.

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    my brother likes this guy, but i don’t understand what they are talking about lol

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    The road to Hell is paved with good intent

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    The three people that disliked this should be punched in the face!

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    is that Geraldo jr???

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    Everybody’s gone serfin’
    Serfin’ U.S.A.

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    Ron Paul for President!!! He will end the FED. The FED is simply an extension of the British Dutch West India Company. The Shipping Line is the first international monopoly of the world established back in 1599. The people that established that line came from Venice. They are the money manipulators. No joke.

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    Ron Paul is great but why is this edited….