Ron Paul: Privatize Airport Security


Megyn Kelly: Just when you thought airport security couldn’t get anymore unbearable, well guess what? Prepare for even more scrutiny now. The TSA warning that terrorists are seriously considering a new tactic, surgically implanting explosive devices. It could mean big changes in the screening procedures again and chances are, they won’t be less intrusive. Texas Republican Ron Paul is a presidential candidate, and he is introducing the American traveler dignity act saying we should completely replace the TSA with private security firms. Good morning or good afternoon I should say, Congressman. I’m used to saying good morning on Fox & Friends, sorry about that.

Ron Paul: Okay, good afternoon.

Megyn Kelly: So you are introducing this new plan to privatize, I guess what’s now known as the TSA. How would that make it better?

Ron Paul: Well it would make it efficient, there’s no history to show that government bureaucrats are ever more efficient than the private market. But there’s two different ways how you privatize something. If you just take the airport security and the government hires out private firms, that’s not for me privatization. That’s sort of a combination of big business and big government and that doesn’t solve the problem. The responsibility should be on the airlines, just as it’s on the responsibility of the owners of chemical plants and the owners of armored cars. They take charge of that and they do a very, very good job.

And the government was in charge of security before 9/11. They did a lousy job. They prohibited guns from being on airplane and they said “nobody should resist.” And so we set the stage for 9/11. So I want the owners to assume responsibility and the burden would be on the airlines and it would save the taxpayer an awful lot of money.

Megyn Kelly: So if I run an airline right now, tell me if I’m right or wrong. I don’t think I like this plan because what’s it going to cost me?

Ron Paul: Well that’s the reason we don’t have it. The airlines are in bed with the government, they’re partners with the government. They don’t want the liability and they don’t want the responsibility. But they should have it. Yes it’ll cost them money and you’ll have to pay for it with a higher ticket but you’ll pay lower taxes. But they’ll do a better job and it’s going to be so much more efficient. They’re not going to take X-rays of you in the nude, and they’re not going to prod and poke you. They’re not going to prod and poke little kids and 95-year-old women. They’re going to figure it out because they got to treat them like customers. So that’s all the difference in the world.

Megyn Kelly: But Congressman Paul, you’re on Capitol Hill. You know that there’s a lot of waste of taxpayer dollars. Are you just assuming that if we privatize this that all the tax dollars that were going to the TSA would suddenly be given back to us?

Ron Paul: Well it should be, you can’t assume anything with the politicians and the bureaucrats because they always figure out a way to keep it there, they’re endless and if they don’t get enough then they go to the Fed and they get the Fed to do their bailing out. So it’s outrageous, it’s totally out of control. But you have to make the effort; you have to make the suggestion, what is the alternative? If you can’t depend on government, whom should you depend on? I say depend on the market, private owners take much better care of the property than government has ever done.

Megyn Kelly: Well let me tell you about some of the enhanced security measures that are now going to apparently go into place with the TSA because of these reports about surgically implanted bombs from Al-Qaeda. Here it is: more behavior detection officers, more airport interviews and pat downs, in addition, in an effort to detect traces of explosives, passenger’s skin and clothing may be swabbed. Is that what you’re talking about?

Ron Paul: Well I think that’s an outrage I mean horrible, if the private airlines were doing it, they might have one sniff dog that knows something about explosives and that’s all you would need, you don’t need all this other stuff, no it’s going to cost a lot more money and I’ve said and I sincerely believe this, if the American people can look at these pictures on TV about what they do to 95-year-old women, what they do to little kids and the groping of the groins and if the American people say, “Oh that’s okay with me” I tell you what, we’re in a lot worse shape than I think we’re in. I think we’ve given up, if we accept that, we’re in bad trouble.

Megyn Kelly: Right, well, as you know the argument is that a lot of Americans are okay with that because they feel like in this day and age since 9/11 they might have to give up a liberty, I’m just saying that’s the other side of the equation here to keep everyone safe. Before you go, I got to get this question in though, if you privatize airport screening and security, how does profiling fit into that?

Ron Paul: Well they’re allowed to, because a private company has an obligation, if you don’t like the airline and they do too much profiling then you don’t fly on that airline. But today there are not a lot of profiles, so a 95-year-old woman get’s treated like a terrorist and somebody else who really looks like he could, that guy I might want to ask him two question, oh well, we can’t’ ask him as many question, matter of fact I even back off because he looks sort of suspicious. No, a private airline has a right to be suspicious and they can in a way, but if they overdo that they’re going to have a bad reputation and the customers are going to make sure that they hear about it.

Megyn Kelly: Very interesting. Let us know how your new plan, the American traveler dignity act, let us know if it’s successful or not. Congressman Ron Paul always great to see you. Thanks so much, have a good weekend.

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  • nickjthefirst

    It’s TOTALLY out of control. Very powerful.

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  • efishunter

    Privatizing airport security will cost twice as much and not change a damn thing. They will still have to squeeze your ass to see if there is a bomb in your drawers. Ron Paul sucks and his ideas are lame.

  • toemasie

    Seriously, how could anyone not like this man? He’s a politician who HATES politicians.

  • edward9145

    Wow the next thing the terrorist will do is dress up like TSA employees and plant bombs on the non suspecting flying public. This is getting really scary. I want my mom and blanket the next time I fly.

  • Reido2828

    surgically inplanted bombs lol the fear is killing us

  • GhostsAndAliens

    Ronny’s off. Airlines across the country could adopt bizarre new standards (one airport allows beer bottles another bans all liquids etc.) Also what if one airport is more lax than another (companies cut corners all the time) and a plane is hijacked, then your avg citizen 200 miles away is affected. Govt employees don’t suffer from financial downturns and become exposed to ruin, like a private security company would.

    And how exactly can a security check catch contraband without an Xray scan?

  • bennyfifty

    Palin, Bachman, and Romney must step aside for the good of the country and allow Ron Paul to win the nomination by default, that is the only hope. Ron Paul cant beat the Conservative machine because its rigged, but if given the GOP nomination he will defeat Obama in a landslide

  • gongal

    How does exactly USA government know that terrorists are about to plant bombs in their bodies? Are terrorist setting up a press conference everytime they have a new idea? US gov is so full of lies.

  • metorphoric

    Um. I disagree 100% with him on profiling. You’re basically using the agism tactic to say a 95 year old can no way help run a terrorist attack because they are 95. That makes no sense and is dangerous because you turning a blind eye on a group based on of age.

    What happened when a 95 year old IS responsible for leading or operating in a terrorist attack? What will be Paul’s answer then.

    I don’t like his view on the TSA and profiling. In fact, I don’t like profiling at all.

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    Ron Paul 2012 – we MUST vote for him – he is our only hope right now!

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    I am just absolutely in awww that this man is not president. How and why are Americans so fucking stupid? Michelle Bauchmen? Newt Gingrich? Rudy GOOLiani? And last but not least… Sarah Palin? You’ve got to be kidding me. Ron Paul is the ONLY person that would provide actual change to our lives.

    Pawlenty? HAHAHA…. what a fucking joke.

    Ron Paul 2012. God help this country if it doesn’t happen.

  • UnchangeableBird

    Total TSA budget in 2011: 128.9 million. Pass the buck to the consumer? What Ron Paul never takes into account is the pragmatism of what he’s proposing. Airlines are going under and pilots in training make 20K a year. What’s going on in America is that every CEO and their “team” are robbing the till and bailing out when they’re through. Nearly every company in the world who can afford it is cooking their books and fucking over the earnest investor. That is due to lack of regulation in finance!

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    i like ron paul but he sounds drunk when he starts speaking with conviction. i guess that’s just because he’s an old man.

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    I could see so many things going wrong with this…

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    i just smuggled a hand grenade through SFO today. No problems.

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    Wow, that…makes sense!

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    WOW, logic