Ron Paul: Republicans Would Be Foolish to Fall for Obama’s Debt Ceiling Scheme

Today, 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul issued a statement strongly opposing a proposed deal on the debt-ceiling that is rumored to be in the works between the Obama administration and Republican House leaders. See statement below.

“Sources in Washington tell me that House Republican Speaker John Boehner is considering a deal to raise taxes as part of a debt limit ‘deal.’

“In fact, reports are they may be ready to cave in to Barack Obama’s demands for a trillion dollars in tax increases in exchange for mostly phony spending and tax cuts in order to raise the debt ceiling.

“House Republicans would be foolish to go for this ploy and be taken in by the Obama administration, only to leave American taxpayers on the hook again for more out-of-control government spending.

“The Democrats pulled a similar maneuver during Ronald Reagan’s presidency, a deal that promised 2 to 1 spending cuts in exchange for tax increases. Taxes went up, but the cuts never came. They did it again in 1990, promising much the same deal, and delivering only on their tax increases.

“In Washington, if you hear about a so-called deal, you can be sure the taxes will come, but the cuts never will.

“Republicans cannot take the bait and get fooled again.

“This is exactly why I was the first Presidential candidate to sign on to the Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge — because we cannot continue to steer our country down this road to ruin with massive a federal budget and unchecked spending. We need to change course right now.

“Agreeing to this scheme by the White House would be a betrayal of the voters who put Republicans back in charge of the House in 2010.

“Those in Congress who agree must stand firm and not give in to Obama and the big-spending Washington crowd.

“I will stand with the people, and urge leadership to do the same and fight against raising taxes, no matter what.”


  • John Detmar

    Please, Rep. Paul, cut the BS! The Republicans in congress have not been repeatedly “fooled” by those wiley Democrats into making bogus budget-cut agreements that only produce increase taxes, increased regulation, more socialism, more debt, and a larger federal government. They have been absolutely complicit in this good cop/bad cop charade. Even now, you all are negotiating a “deal” with the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling so you can continue your deficit spending and debt accumulation, even though you know it is unsustainable and will ultimately result in a national crisis. You will promise to shave off a few trillion from the budget deficits over the next ten years, and of course it won’t happen. Even if it did, you are still allowing huge deficit spending to continue for ten more years that will pile on more trillions to the national debt. Now you Republicans are pretending to talk tough with you “Cut, Cap, and Balance” sloganeering, but your cynical good cop/bad cop routine with the Democrats is getting quite transparent.

  • Jeffydiver

    Yeah, this makes a lot of good sense. Raise the taxes and then cut the debt, this will only allow more spending. What part of no do they not understand ?

    Pay down the debt and cut the taxes !

  • Todd


    To follow your analogy…

    Either asking for a raise or reducing spending…
    The Republicans are suggesting that you reduced spending by not feeding your children, not sending them to the doctor and/or dentist, and cutting their education budget. All while giving your boss the raise.


    Cutting government spending does not create jobs. It does the opposite.
    Republican plan to reduce the number of children on food stamps by eliminating food stamps. Good thinking.

  • Mark McVey

    Mr. Paul,

    I have what I think is an effective analogy that you may use in your public statements on this subject.

    If I were coming up to a due date for a payment on my personal debt, and I did not have the money to pay the minimum payment, I would have two choices. I would either decrease my other spending, or ask my employer for a raise in order to make the payment. Clearly this is moving into the realm of the absurd. But this is what the Demcrats are effectively asking for by suggesting raising taxes as part of the “debt deal”. They are truly our employees – We, as in The Taxpayers – but the Democrats can’t seem to get this idea through their heads.

  • Craig Purcell

    Government work is an overhead expense and paid for by taxing productive work. This includes the military obviously and we need to reinvest in our cities and country at large and cut the government.

  • Jeff

    If we can stand Obama another year, we’ll be lucky; but I have a feeling we will all be unemployed by then. One out of Four children are already on food stamps.