One response to “Ron Paul Launches Nationwide Grassroots Campaign to Stop Debt Ceiling Betrayal”

  1. mark971

    with this debate on the debt limit crisis is this so the politicians show us that they are finally going to work for this salary they have been earning? will they side with the American people or will they just keep shoveling more b.s into our ears and eyes? thank god our news is trying to find Casey to take off the real news of our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, negotiating a 5 trillion dollar deal with India to fix their infrastructure over the next 5 years. What about ours, maybe we should fix some more roads and have us worry some more about spending the $400 a month it takes us to fill our gas tanks to got to work. But lets not work towards hydrogen or we will soon be buying from overseas again because Europe is light years ahead of us. Maybe one of these days we might have a factory and actually produce something we can sell for profit, but lets pay farmers not produce goods off their lands. Lets not also talk about us putting 30 million barrels of oil into circulation, thank god we will also be paying more to replace it if we can. Everyone better run out and buy some toilet paper as that will soon be worth more than the dollar, they say if we default it will have devastating effects no one will loan us money blah blah blah, we keep pissing them off by blowing them up they won't talk with us dah. I wish some one could snatch their eyes out, stick them in their butt to show them what an ass they are making.


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