Ron Paul: Obama Using Scare Tactics to Force Deal on Debt Limit

Roger H. comments:

“Call [Obama]’s bluff on Social Security. [He] doesn’t realize that this is not entitlement, it was paid in by hard working citizens from their paychecks. It is not money that is owed for interest on phony notes and bonds printed up by the Federal Reserve. The wave of defaults that this will cause by old people who are only a step away from poverty will be a wake up call. He wants class warfare, well I do not think he knows the resilience and backbone of our old people.”

  • MsFreedom1974

    Can us american ppl sue obama or even press charges on him ourself???

  • Avaindiana

    I like this

  • 616MGT

    Ron Paul is my man crush.


  • ispeedtoo

    Ron Paul is the right guy for 2012!!!!

  • Shadowsolid

    Stupid fucks outnumber those that actually see what Obama is doing to this country and want to stop him. Unfortunately, I think we’re totally fucked, with little to no hope of ever recovering. Just too many dumbass people who think he’s doing good when he’s clearly fucking us over… Quite sad. To all REAL Americans that arent sheep or indoctrinized; I pray for you, but yeah, we’re fucked.

  • tangledweb79

    Can’t you folks see that they are brazenly shitting on the Constitution? Some of you ask why Barry hasen’t been impeached? I’ll go further and ask why the last 3 adminstrations haven’t been impeached and prosecuted? Apathy, that’s the real problem.Washington knows that most of us really don’t care. Oh, you’ll care, bitches, you’ll care.

  • TravistheHuman

    So Ben smiled when the thought crossed his mind that Ron will just disappear into oblivion. Let’s see hoe good of a replacement for Chellie Pingree I can come up with.

  • IndianaPolitico

    Remember to donate during Ron’s “Ready, Ames, Fire!” Money Bomb on July 19th, and let’s work together against the Washington machine! Vote up, For Liberty!

  • wingsofliberty437

    I can just imagine Bernanke making a trollface.

  • MrResisting
  • WulfBand

    We have been under a National Emergency since 1933.


    A President can do ANYTHING they want under a NE because they have FULL DICTATORIAL POWERS.

    WE LIVE UNDER A DICTATORSHIP worse than Communism & this has all been implemented by the Jews in Congress who tell Obama when to Jump & how High.

    Congress is ONLY a Dog & Pony show now, they should ALL go home because they have NO AUTHORITY.

  • TheMass33

    Ronsolution 2012

  • emya098

    Ron is honest & intelligent. He’s the one to lead us out of this entire mess.

  • RebornLayneStaley

    The next president of the USA. RP

  • innerpeace1979

    the only problem with your dialectics here is that you ignore the fact that his predictions about bad economy (namely the FED bail outs, the Industrial Military Complex, amongst others) have all been coming true. His theories, though not as you put them, are closer to reality than anything Ben Bernanke or President Obama have said in recent weeks.It’s not a matter of preferring Candidate A or Candidate B , it’s a matter of looking at things clearly and with common sense perspective.

  • ImNotVoting4RonPaul

    Ron Paul is using scare tactics to get elected. Ron Paul wants America to fail so people believe his crazy ass theories.

    Obama 2012.

  • JaysChatChannel

    Why hasn’t Obama been impeached yet ? It is clear that he is totally against the Constitution. You know….the very foundation of this country.

  • innerpeace1979

    Intimidating(blackmailing) into a deal is the same as coercion.Holding the retirement funds from an entire generation is akin to betrayal, considering none of the ones who benefit from the “stimulus” have to «tighten their own belts». Similarly to what has been said in Portugal, how would those feel or act if they were deprived of their own income for a month?I worry for Americans and I worry for all others who now lower their heads in fear of what the US may do – unfortunately so – me included

  • ChristianWorldOrder2

    obama= one big ass mistake america!

  • MissEVitale

    ofcourse he is using scare tactics and continuing with criminal activity as always in politics