Ron Paul: Obama Using Scare Tactics to Force Deal on Debt Limit

Roger H. comments:

“Call [Obama]’s bluff on Social Security. [He] doesn’t realize that this is not entitlement, it was paid in by hard working citizens from their paychecks. It is not money that is owed for interest on phony notes and bonds printed up by the Federal Reserve. The wave of defaults that this will cause by old people who are only a step away from poverty will be a wake up call. He wants class warfare, well I do not think he knows the resilience and backbone of our old people.”

  • sinitskyd

    Why to they call McConnell “Mitch”. It seems that his first name starts with a B!

  • brickmason26

    botched lip job

  • 44prot

    Obomba doesn’t run anything people!Have you still not seen behind the curtain,to reveal who or what,is actually calling the shots around the Planet?It’s not your government.Not even on a National level.All those arguments you’ve had over politics and those votes you have casts?The candidate had already been chosen,years prior.Obomba,like the others,is a pawn in the master plan.I don’t even know if he’s aware of his insignificance

  • King100Joe

    we have a black man

  • ganjamerch

    is that not why we have CONGRESS wtf these people are loosing their mind

  • terr547

    Dr. Paul knows that this country is on its death bed… Can you blame him for not wanting to endure the pain of watching it in congress anymore? I certainly can’t…

  • edarotag84

    I saw obama bin laden on tv yesterday saying the welfare ans SS checks may not go out on Aug 3rd, he’s lying just like Geo Sr “no new taxes”!

  • Laiboy86

    Very scary times. What are we supposed to do?

  • whatupwiththatdog

    Liberty with Ron Paul, death with Obama — cast your vote


  • Star11Seed

    Off the subject.. Is it really necessary to get lips pumped up like that?

  • ChristianWorldOrder2

    people just dont stay commentiing on these videos SPREAD the word as well! tell others about him i am going to order bumper sticker Ron Paul Revolution for my car so others can see wish i had enough gas to drive across the country and back with a Ron Paul Revolution bumper sticker on my car

  • joepeeler34

    Anybody else think that the interviewer has had collagen injections. Either way, great DSL’s 🙂

  • longboardinman

    pshh obama you cant scare me

  • x6mj

    Ron Paul is my president. the demorepublicratican occupation of our gov. is unconstitutional and therefore illegal.

  • bkr360

    The FED stand ready to print more money. So the FED can make more money. Then a year later they will have a bail out and pay the banks again. Burn all the Banks down…

  • ChristianWorldOrder2

    obama is a piece of trash lies lies lies Ron Paul is truth truth truth

  • MishuTaste

    I seriously hope we get a libertarian to replace Ron Paul in Congress.

  • justinprime1


  • garrethdavis

    FUCK off Obummer.

  • thotkrime

    Obama would rather you go with out your SS check than end these pointless wars.