Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • AustinFX4

    In my opinion, Ben Bernanke knows quite well that gold is the World’s premier reserve currency, but he will not admit it and that gold has not gone up in value but the value of paper money has gone down.
    He is doing what he can to cover up the failing ponzi scheme.

  • Roger3ick

    Good appetizer….
    I would LOVE to see a 2-HOUR DEBATE between PAUL & BERNANKIE.
    Let them really hash it out, with proofs of their arguments. Equal time.
    I would watch that event even if it were 10 hours. Much about our failed global economy must be examined in terms of our value stores, and capital building to be sure what must be done to restore GDP growth….
    capital holding, unreliable value, unknowable regulation, and transfer mechanisms, now obviously in failure mode.

  • sarta56

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    basically Bernanke is a greedy leprechaun and the Central bank is his pot of gold.


  • kydenj28

    SIK boy get em!

  • wolfgangfaust

    watch: “2010-11-09 Greenspan Admission.mp4”
    he ADMITS IT!
    “F R A U D – B A N K S T E R S”

    “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. ”

    -Henry Ford

    “how far can we ask ordinary people, farmers and fishermen and teachers and nurses to shoulder the responsibility of failed private banks?”

    -Icelandic President Grimsson

  • DarkStormDoomWind


  • dreballs1

    The chick behind Ben s shoulder looks like the back of my bag 🙂

  • Ivpiv

    So throwing trick questions at people is being smart now ?

    Is gold money? no because money is money.. Gold is gold.. Is money currency that would be the proper question, but it would still be a trick question.. Yes it is officially currency, but you cant buy stuff at the grocery store for a bar of gold..

    He reminds me of George W Bush JR! he´s an incompentent idiot who has every smart comment handed to him by someone else..

  • howardb42006

    The truth hurts doesn’t it Benny…

  • Hypster123

    the end was hilarious.. hahahahahahahahahahahahaahah.. so why do the central banks hold gold if its not money…

    *bernanke clueless* … “its tradition” haha

  • starlitopensky1

    Working for your masters, you are Bernanke. You are the best that they’ve got and you suck!

  • dreballs1

    Ron paul killed him ! This is great Ben s voice is very shaky = The gig is up we are awake.The elite will fall we the people have put up with this to long…Ben better contact nasa and buy a spot on the ISS the Fed will no longer be welcome on earth!

  • starlitopensky1

    Bernanke is trash!

  • Yabuturtle

    I don’t think anyone should attempt to debate Ron. Every friggin time someone goes against him, Ron proves them wrong and makes them look like idiots. How can anyone not like Ron? It’s funny how they say his ideas are radical but really it’s just going back to our original freedoms and we’re so used to shitty laws today we think anything else different is radical.

    America, you will seriously regret not paying attention and voting for Ron. Seriously, it’s ridiculously obvious Ron is qualified.

  • starlitopensky1

    You have NOT gotten all the money back Bernanke! You lied! You bought treasuries and the money went to the government to spend! You are wrong!

  • seantbird09

    Destroyed him.

  • warobsessive

    nailed him to the wall!

  • ReeferRevolution

    lol ron paul tells him how it is.

  • iddicted

    Ben needs to realize he isn’t in the matrix. This is real life and he is an idiot