Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

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  • Gold = Commodity Money
    Dollars = Flat Money


  • Ben Bernanke is a God. So lucky to have him as Fed Chairman. Thank God that he does not bow to political pressure—something the Fed is supposed to do i.e. act independently of public opinion.

  • It is interesting that while the three main Western ratings agencies based in New York and London give the US a AAA, or AA+ rating, the Chinese ratings agency Dagong gives the US an A rating, This is the fifth highest credit rating level, which the US shares with Russia, Spain (which was recently bailed for $1 trillion out by the EU), South Africa and Estonia.
    This is significant as it is China which is the biggest lender to the US.

    What if China ever decides that US lending is too risky?

  • America is screwed. We need people who don’t agree EVERYTHING with Democrat or Republican or Libertarian. We need politicians like Ron Paul who has a basis a a Republican but still thinks for himself.

  • Fuck that corporate shill ben fucknanke, that pussy is singlehandedly destroying our who economic system. Does he really beleive that paper money is “money”? It is only a matter a time before the contries of the world will reject the federal reserves play money and then we will be in a world of shit, but by then we will be in a world of well SHIT. There is a reason our founding fathers frowned upon central banking, but I guess no one listed a century ago. Ron Paul or we are fucked.

  • Ben Bernanke is a fucking lying pussy ass peice of shit. He’s a liar and thief that steals money from his own clique then goes on TV telling us how the economic situation and money circulation is doing. He’s a fuckin phony who deserves to be thrown in a large sized pot of steaming hot burning oil. That’s even a bigger crime than selling drugs, and selling drugs isnt even that bad. I can’t fucking stand his fucking face. I would love to beat the fuck out of him then waterboard his ass.

  • Gotta love Ron Paul

  • nearly correct, the difference being in that all money generated (in this case printed) by the Federal Reserve is often backed by nothing at all. thus why this is such an immense swindle, the very simple notion our country’s debt is not that which we owe to others, but the interest we have on the loans we owe to them instead, is a little gut wrenching.

  • At least it wasn’t diamonds.

  • obviously the banks needing a bailout, which in reality is the govt investing in the banks despite the keyword used, wasnt a good thing, but given the circumsances it saved the economy.

  • Why do you suppose Bernanke didn’t say that?

    You might say that gold is no longer money but it was and will continue to be just as an installed dictator is a puppet that replaced the real deal.

  • don’t waste valuable Sprite

  • fractional banking is nothing more than money counterfeiting with gambling losses of Federal Reserve cronies (private banks) offloaded onto the backs of suckers (taxpayers).

    100% con artistry which the founding fathers warned against.

  • Libtards love to demonize the goldbugs. the bottom line is this. We have a fiat currency. Obama and Bernanke have vastly increased the rate and level of “quantitative easing”. That’s printing money for you Libtards. The currency is being debased. Real inflation is well over 10% for the last 3 years. The politicians we supposedly “elect” are selling us down the river. You should have a substantial portion of your assets in precious metals. The dollar is about to fail as the worlds “safe haven” c

  • The Fed seems to have neutralised risk for several large banking houses, hasn’t it?They made huge losses and get rescued by the Fed.Where’s the logic in what you say?

  • not getting into a debate on youtube, but gold isnt money, gold is a nice hedge instrument in times of inflation, but gold isnt a base currency, nor would it be immune to cartels controlling it the way its with oil now, the dollar is commoditized, & there will always be fractional banking, otherwise no risk = no free enterprise,, good luck

  • I spewed Sprite all over my desk when me mentioned diamonds. This made my night.

  • Lol, you can’t admit it, either! RP used dialogue very craftily the way it is best used…. to give the viewer the realization of what is often hidden.


  • “why don’t they hold diamonds” lol