Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • Go on to fucking youtube and search Ron Paul rallies, there’s thousand and thousands of people that will go out to support Ron Paul, I don’t see any other people do this. If Ron Paul went to a baseball stadium I’m sure that would be full.

  • What media black out? Wolf Blitzer has said, “We’ve had Ron Paul on all of the CNN shows, including mine, many many times, arguably more than any of the other candidates, mainly because he is so available, ready to be a guest”. And what voter fraud? Do you have a credible source to back this up? MORE LIKE LAMESTREAM MEDIA AMIRITE!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  • You do know there is a huge media black out on him and voter fraud right? Or let me guess, you watch mainstream media. Delusional bastard.

  • The only thing he is consistent with is getting a tiny amount of votes. The majority of people are not on his side which is why he is losing so badly to Romney. I don’t believe in this NWO nonsense so please don’t try to feed me that crap.

  • Yet he is best for our time, he’s been consistent throughout the years and has the majority of people on his side. Remember one thing though, the media controls everything. Does it control you?

  • intell

  • watch?v=RrwbgdtbdXE&feature=related

  • He is a loon and a fringe candidate who doesn’t deserve the Presidency.

  • no, media blackout on him, he’s Americas best bet, trust me

  • he’s offloading the gambling losses of his cronies the private banks onto the backs of suckers (taxpayers, savers & wage earners).

    100% con artist

  • Obama deported more illegal Immigrants than any other President (and anyone who is illegal should be deported), and the unemployment among hispanics who are US citizens is 11% which is horrible and Obama should actually help people instead of trying to garner votes, and, on top of that, people are starving all over the country, what I can’t understand is why US citizens would vote for this man when all he wants to do is win reelection. Dont vote.

  • gold not money, wow tell that to the people that have used it for money for the last what 5 thousand years

  • “Well, it’s tradition.” LOL!!!

  • “Well, it’s tradition.” LOL!!!

  • Or maybe the masses don’t agree with him. Ever thought of that?

  • whos money is it in the long run?

  • It’s a shame we don’t have a free mainstream press in the Western World …. if the people knew what Ron Paul was trying to achieve, he would be president by now

  • Vote ron paul he will save us all.

  • If I walked up to anyone in the world with a solid gold and said lemme get what you got and I`ll give this to you, they would say yes if the weight was right. Gold is worth more than money is what he really meant to say but being sure not to say it.

  • All i need for the future is my gun. And maybe some porn. And my iphone