Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • I agree…. Bernanke is a puppet and a thief that is not even an elected official, just a private organisational leader profiting himself ..

  • Anybody with some kind of knowledge in monetary policy do know that central banks are essential and they need to be exist, no wonder almost every country has one. Your Ron Paul wants to shut the fed down and return to the gold standard, and that is an issue, not whether gold is called “money”, or whether is it a tradition to hold gold (and not diamonds) or not. Having a central bank is optimum, look back in history and you’ll see how severe and long lasting the crisis were without central banks.

  • Thank God for Ron Paul.


  • Ron Paul too smart for small minded bankers.

  • yes thank god the Fed is here to engineer financial disasters like the Great Depression, the savings and loans crisis of the 1970s and the housing bubble of 2008! Where would we be without private bankers stealing our wealth!?

  • Is this satire?

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  • Yeah… GOD of misery and manipulation ! Why governement in USA and Europe don’t print money THEMSELF ?! Oh I miss… because they are inept or/and corrupted !

  • SERVED!!!! Ron Paul is a boss. We are idiots 4 not making this man president a long time ago

  • Bernanke is a booger eating cock sucking faggot without a dick.Fuck him where he breathes and I can’t wait to shit on your grave and piss on your loved ones.

  • Federal Reserve = money printing racket for banking crooks pretending to have deep insight into steering the economy. All they are doing is steering people’s money into the pockets of their cronies the private banks.

  • “to the extent that the last few years has made people more worried about…..,,,, the potential of a major crisis.”

    4:50 Bernanke paused as he realises he is the cause of the crisis 🙂

  • Ron Paul is too smart for the US. THere’s NO WAY he’ll get elected. Some dimwit like Romney or a sell out like Obama will be the next president.

  • The fact that he has the most military support is meaningless. He may have over 35 years of experience in politics and yet he has been unable to pass a single piece of legislation, a fact which speaks volumes. None of this changes the fact that Ron Paul is going to lose the nomination to Romney. The word you are looking for is ‘reliable’ which is something Info Wars is not.

  • So, you think Ben Bernanke is GOOD for the US economy?

  • ron paul: Derp!

  • I would vote for him!

  • Ron Paul killed him in the end and Bernanke knew it.

  • He may be a loon? True, but he’s the only guy who I trust and I believe he spends his time thinking about the issues and not his perpsma

  • And yet he is still being destroyed by Mitt Romney and has even gotten less votes than candidates who have already dropped out of the race. I’ll ask again, do you have a credible source for your claims of voter fraud?