Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • Truth teller: “If gold isn’t money, why do Central Banks hold it?
    Clueless Guy: “Tradition”
    The Masses: LOL!


  • Wow , two in a row, keep going buddy, you are making yourself seem so informed. Soldiers are the ones that are being subjected to our foreign policies….so i think they have a better understanding than a man sitting in his house here in the safety of the U.S

  • That doesn’t change the fact he is doing terribly in terms of votes.

    “He received more money from veterans and active military service men than all the other candidates combind…” What’s your point? Soldiers aren’t better judges of policy than the rest of us.

  • 100 years?? we switched to a fiat currency system in the 1970’s and what has happened to the dollar and american industry since then.

  • I can’t hope to afford gold but I have been buying silver during dips.

  • You can also say that about every single presidential candidate there ever was….. That wasn’t really a smart thing to say. He received more money from veterans and active military service men than all the other candidates combind…

  • are you crazy. The Federal Reserve is nothing more than a private banking cartel siphoning off the wealth of society and offloading the gambling losses of its cartel onto the backs of suckers. You are obviouisly clueless about the fraud off fiat money and why these crooked bankers seek monopoly over its issuance.

    You will learn it the hard way however when the crash picks up where it left off in 2008. And this time there wiill be no more debt tab to run up on taxpayers’ backs.

  • Man, Paul is an awful public speaker.

  • The Fed has done an amazing job ensuring price stability in the economy for about 100 years, guiding America to become the worlds largest economy. Don’t fix what isn’t broken the free market DOESNT WORK.

  • 4:52 “to the extent that the events of the last few years have made people more worried about the potential of a major crisis”……. (pause)….

    Bernanke remembered at that point he’s the one who caused the crisis 🙂

  • protect the money printing racket for banking crooks!


  • Ron Paul is such a tool good thing hes retiring. Protect the Fed and America’s prosperity!

  • I want a ‘is gold money’ t-shirt with Bernanke’s ashen face underneath it, that was inspiring.

  • the story is… to mug and ruin millions of joe does in the usa

  • well id defend myself for belief in nonhuman influence or an oligarchy but considering ur over passionately even psychotically shoving ur opinion down everyones throat like a little boy who always needs to be right..i see no need to counter attk..when uve already attkd urself with ur over zealous behavior and obnoxious attitude =]

  • Gold substitutes for money as a physical property as well as a paper holding is some firm which has it again in some form of a physical or material manner. I am sure the honorable Ron Paul has some form of ‘gold’ holding. He be a ‘fukin’ idiote not to.

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  • Food will be the new monetary standard if we keep up all this foolishness