Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • The books are the most transparent they have ever been but it’s not really a bad thing that this bill passed. I doubt they find any bombshells we don’t already know about. I know Alan Grayson has been all over Bloomberg’s freedom of information act request


  • The House passed the “Paul Bill” 327-98 in July! Now, it will go to the senate floor where I’m sure your buddy Reid will stomping his little feet! By the way don’t make other people do your homework for you! Have a Nice Day!

  • They both already know what the GAO does.

  • Well, then maybe you should tell that to Bernanke and Dr. Paul!

  • Apparently you have the ability to oversimplify a pretty easy concept and still be wrong. I believe the original poster said something like there isn’t enough gold. He’s right to create an equilibrium for gold vs the USD gold would either have to inflate higher in price, or the USD would have to contract significantly. The total buying power of all dollars vs the total buying power of all the gold in the world is not equal. Also, you have no idea how Gold is actually priced.

  • The federal reserve is already audited. This changes nothing.

  • Bernanke is going to need a box of depends when we audit the Federal Reserve!

  • There’s a lot more in money as debt, as I watch it again, that is not true. I could go over it for you, but I think it would be easier if you read some peer reviewed documents about the way banks actually work, and historical context of these things. This is clearly propaganda, same with your illuminati exposed by Muammar Gaddafi, this is almost disgusting. My Lybian coworker is watching it right now and just shaking her head, “this is ignorance at an unbelievable level.”

  • The creator of the movie acknowledges these inaccuracies it does not stop people from believing them. Also, you should probably read a little bit about Muammar Gaddafi’s war crimes. He was a pretty disgusting human being.

  • The limit would still be a number much larger than the actual value of gold & silver in the vault. Quite often the ratio was 9 fictional dollars to 1 actual dollar in gold. If you are talking about the multiplying value of currency, where money is reloaded and redeposited. It is factually inaccurate to suggest a bank was loaning 9 dollars to 1 dollar of reserve.

  • own earnings, not from money deposited, but directly from the borrower’s promise to repay. This is absolutely false. Banks make loans from assets on hand such as deposits. Typically money comes out of excess reserves, which equals total deposits minus minimum legal reserves, which is generally considered total reserves minus total operating cost. Then they start talking about the goldsmiths I believe, which is an accurate account, somewhat from what I’ve studied. But when they say

  • corporations known as banks. This can be considered true, but it is highly misleading. To increase money supply the federal reserve buys treasuries, which increases m0. Components of the money supply are from deposits and loans, when a dollar is deposited it is loaned and it is counted twice in the money supply. Dollar loan is typically spent redeposited and loaned quickly, which is counted as the dollar multiplier. The movie says In fact, banks create the money they loan, not from the bank’s

  • Okay thank you for that. I am familiar with these theories about Gaddafi. I think it would really be in your best interest to stop watching documentaries you find on youtube. I made it through the entire documentary and am a little disturbed that the neglect conflict in Egypt Chad Sudan State Sponsored Terrorism Bombing in Berlin etc etc etc. Factual inaccuracies in money as debt: the vast majority of money is not created by the Mint. It is created in huge amounts every day by private

  • I will be happy if you clarify those inaccuracies to me.
    in the meantime check this out as well.

  • Contractionary economics is not what our country needs.Tell me where you’re right? I think everyone here seriously doubts your understanding of Gold pricing lol.

  • Apparently you have great difficulty comprehending simple statements.

  • Perhaps you can point out where I’m wrong.

  • Perhaps you can point out where I’m wrong.

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