Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

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    RON PAUL WINS ! 2012


  • Viral Ron Paul rap song video !­0&list=PLA4C5356ECE58C4B9&inde­x=0&feature=plcp

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    RON PAUL WINS ! 2012

  • hookagold

    There’s fools gold-pyrite and then there’s fools gold-gold owned by idiots willing to trade it for worthless dollars.

    To all the B.O.bots tolling this site

    Ron Paul 2012- He won’t burn the Yanks!

  • hookagold

    Ben Shalom Burn-Yankey and the federal reserves, petro-dollar is just about “Kaput”

  • Is gold money?
    Umm… in the middle ages.

  • I’m not sure, I’m sure he’ll explain himself. I’m guessing he’s talking about something similar to what I describe below. Bets in the derivative markets can change the price of commodity drastically. Oil is the best example of that. There are a few good papers, but the most recent you have to pay for.

  • That’s just a hedge, he said Palladium prices are derived from swaps. Do you have any information about outstanding contracts vs commodity pricing per sector? That I don’t have to pay for lol.

  • definition of a derivative, and the combined instrument is not measured at fair value in profit or loss. Subsequent to initial recognition, derivatives are measured at fair value, and then accounted in a few different ways. I’m guessing that is what he was referring to in saying palladium pricing is derived from these instruments. Maybe he was referring to currency swaps? I don’t know really know.

  • Not always. The realized net affect is generally minimal. Change gears a bit there is some confusion here, the gold thing further down is just lunacy lol. A Palladium company will hold derivative financial instruments to minimize currency and market price exposure. Embedded derivatives, separate from the host contract and accounted for separately dependent on economic conditions in case the host and embedded contract differ. A separate instrument with same terms as embedded derivative meets the

  • Okay fair enough, I can’t, can you explain to me how Palladium Prices are derived from swaps? I really don’t understand that.

  • Ya, I like a lot of things Ron Paul has to say, but some of his economic policies seem a little more than unrealistic.

  • Well said.

  • that seems speculative, is that true?

  • Sorry we were talking about LIBOR, of course interest rates have an affect on commodity prices, how are palladium prices derived from interest rate swaps? That’s like saying there’s not enough trees to back the USD. lol

  • are recognized.

  • I’m not trying to be a jerk or jump in on someones argument, but they were talking about LIBOR. Making fun of someone for not understanding swaps is pretty arrogant. I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of research on the interest rate swaps that they are most likely talking about. By definition these affect interest rates, of course interest rates affect commodity pricing, but if you’re a precious metal investor he’s probably speculating that precious metals go up as more outstanding contracts

  • Oh? Explain how you know that international swaps (you aren’t even specifying what kind) have no effect on the price of a certain commodity.

  • International Swaps have nothing to do with Palladium.

  • “I am pretty ignorant with these instruments. That’s why I’m buying palladium.” LOL…. funniest comment on this thread. You are pretty ignorant with these instruments…. so you’re going to buy a commodity whose price is derived from said instruments that you are ignorant about… lol…. thank you for the laugh.

  • All prices are volatile. What exactly is your point? And no actually, a month after Paul asked Bernanke these ridiculous questions, gold has lost nearly 12% from it’s peak in September, and if you take it back to the day of this speech, it’s flat.

    Well how do you think the game works, sir? It’s always a small group that benefits at the expense of the larger group. Especially over the last thirty years. You may make money, but that doesn’t mean you all know what you’re talking about.