Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • That gold would be a TERRIBLE currency. All data shows that inflation of less than 2% per year hinders a free market.


  • LynnAG

    I have an investment question I’d welcome input on… I have a few mutual funds that I invested into monthly for 15 years or so. I stopped after 9/11 when they kept going down and down. They have all lost value, and I’ve held on hoping they would come back “some day”.

    Now I’m wondering if I should cut my losses, and sell those and buy gold/silver or stocks/mutuals tied to gold/silver. And if so, any recommended resources?

  • ben bernanke is right on this one

  • Gold is’t money, it’s an asset.”


    You’re believing exactly what they want you to believe.

    Name me one example of a paper currency or a paper instrument that has outlasted precious metals (gold and silver) over the past 6,000 years. Paper comes and paper goes, but gold always, ALWAYS, remains. What does this tell you?

  • Bernanke…caught like the proverbial deer in the headlights. I’ll say this about Ron Paul: He’s hated and feared by Washington politicos on both sides of the aisle. Why? Because he speaks The Truth, and when you do that in a den of thieves and liars, you’re going to generate a lot of animosity.

  • your point is not a point it’s a marshmellow, and u miss my point which is the federal reserve has NEVER had any form of monetary reserves except Fiat paper currency based on debt, In other words they a criminals running a shell game Ponzi scheme. whether gold is in bubble or a boat is irrelevant. The federal Reserve is neither Federal or a Reserve. it’s a debt slave producing mega factory. It’s only real agenda to steal real wealth for their masters, The 6 banking family cartel that created it

  • he’s a jew.

  • You seem not to understand my point. In my point of view gold is in a bubble, the only reason it’s going up is becouse people want it now as some form os insuranse. A central bank don’t want things that volitile, when the bubble pops the gold will sink really much.

  • The eyes have it , take a close look at Bernanke’s eyes, That’s a guy in a fist fight against a very dangerous opponent. his eyes are much wider than Ron’s, especially when Ron throws the gold uppercut close to the end, he’s fat guts are tense waiting for something all the way through this exchange, lovely to watch this worm squirm, The bullshit filter was on 10 the pea brain working overtime, think twice speak once Ben think twice speak once Ben ! keep reminding yourself Think twice speak once!

  • it’s very simple the world economy has arrived at this frightening point of collapse based on the very mentality your exposing in your flawed logic. You have the fed speculating and wheeling & dealing along with all the other crooks, Do U understand the name of the organization you have gambling ? the Federal RESERVE ? see the RESERVE part of the name? what would you have them reserving? Paper?zeros & one’s? . Do the world a favour never go into business as a financial advisor ok ? Knucklehead.

  • Ron Paul is a good genius. Ben Bernanke is an evil genius. Americans are idiots. Its sad. End of story.

  • Ron Paul is a good genius. Ben Bernanke is an evil genius. Americans are idiots. Its sad. End of story.

  • In my point of view Bernanke won over Paul. Gold is’t money, it’s an asset. And this asset is in a bubble thanks to the uncertainties. As a central bank you do not want to hold gold while it’s in a bubble. It would be a good idea to sell it indeed, and once the bubble pops you can buy it up again.

    In reality the central bank could hold carved sticks instead of gold is the carved sticks were stable and trusted enough.

  • Keep up the good fight. KEEP STACKING THE PHYSICAL

  • Its value is what it can buy.

  • The question is, what makes that medium of exchange worth the value or how do you determine the value of products againt a printed money or a quantity of gold?

  • “Oh I never took economics” – Ron Paul

  • hookagold

    I will take gold, you can bow to the Federal Reserve, and be a slave to their so-called legal tender.

  • Good thing we had legal tender cases since then. You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns; you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold

  • just kill the freaking jews. They steal everyone’s money and they got ugly noses.