Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • So the difference for you is in the flavour of the crime? Your ok with printing fake money it’s the word Ponzi that freaks u out? It’s like protesting your preference for being knifed to death instead of being shot with a gun because it’s too loud and might hurt your ears !! you fucking idiot ! call it what u like pea brain your still being shafted up the jacksie by little bald toads in expensive suits every day of your life.But u stay down the on your all fours baby, it’s obviously all u know

  • I think you might find it’s you with the head in the sand Mr Sheep. You have no fucking idea that your an indentured slave, you think your free, OMG talk about sleep walking you probably think your taxes pays for the roads ha ha !! No sunshine it pays for your termination, this little house of cards is collapsing asap, and your going to be sitting at home watching the Superbowl as it does, like all the other fucking brain dead sheep, You’ll hear about it during the half time add break u clown

  • What a fucking clown, you talk about sticking heads in sand? Now you’ve got the whole system running on promises? your tax goes to 6 private banking families the share holders of the Feral Reserve you fucking idiot! why do you think with all this Tax being harvested for the last 100 years your country is in so much debt where did it go? Because your being raped idiot ! your Government is a private Corporation also and has nothing to do with the people, your just assets like any slave population

  • It’s a little different when this private bank was government created and has sole control over the money supply..

  • Sorry, but Ben Bernanke is -absolutely- correct here.

  • That double standard is the reason why I began to reevaluate many libertarian groups and Ron Paul. In one instance, they say government should have no business interfering with private companies, but in this instance, they seem to want to use government power to control our private banking system. You guys can’t have it both ways, this is simple hypocrisy. Either it is a private banking system, and you need to leave it the hell alone, or it’s not, and that makes you hypocrites.


  • You know what really cracks me up about most of this? Most of you claim to be libertarians. All the Fed is, in short, is a collective of PRIVATE banks, who purchase bonds from the federal government. In one instance, you all scream and holler for free market economics, but in this sense, you piss all over a collective of banks that has near complete autonomy from the government, and you all whine your asses off all the time. Not sure if you’re libertarian or not, but make up your damn mind.

  • Cut the conspiracy crap. It’s just a form of an economy, it is not a ponzi scheme. It could be best described as ‘legalized counterfeiting’, not a ponzi scheme. You just make yourself looked uneducated when you refer to this economy as a ponzi scheme.

  • Oh? They’re not a reserve? They seem to be reserving your future tax revenue quite well, and our government is showing no sign of breaking their promises to the Fed. How’s that for a reserve? Promises, my friend. This is all about promises. You all may not like that, but you guys sticking your heads in the sand really doesn’t help anybody, least of all yourselves.

  • Thank you for wasting your time on PreciousMetal…I didn’t have the patience or the time to give him the nuts and bolts of what the Federal Reserve is doing…he just doesn’t get it!

  • Not in this economy. This is an economy of promises, not of hard assets. Money is what people have faith in as a medium of exchange, which currently, is fiat currency, not gold, not silver. Why you all try to make “money” out to be more than it is, I have no idea. It is simply a medium of exchange which a population has faith in, no more, no less.

  • It seems you didn’t watch the video and you are having trouble grasping what this bill means…My work is done here!

  • Really? That’s the only reason? How sure are you about that?

  • Honestly, I don’t have time to explain it to you, nor do I really care about you enough to explain it to you. Go search the information out on your own, educate yourself. Suppressing interest rates, and the easy money that arises from that, have everything to do with increased gold speculation, and commodity speculation in general, if you don’t even know this simple truth of our modern markets, you’re way out of your league and you’re not worth anyone’s time. Now… go read.

  • … Jesus Christ… are you serious? How do interest rate swaps determine prices? Do you have any idea what the hell has been happening for the past five years? Clearly you don’t. So then my next question would be, why the hell are you even speculating if you have no fucking clue what is happening?

  • I can give you that, I agree.

  • Gold might be a bubble, yes, but the only reason why gold would be a bubble is because we have a fiat currency people are interested in protecting themselves from and because people have faith in the value of gold UNLIKE fiat currency.

  • Tradition!? What the fuck? Why can’t he just admit to the fact that banks hold gold because it’s fungible unlike diamonds? Everybody knows that.

    On another note: Gold is by any measure money.

  • What the fuck are you talking about? How is the price of any commodity derived specifically from an interest rate swap?

  • What are you talking about? Who do you think will be conducting the audit? Why would you be excited that the bill passed if you think that the GAO is crooked. Wouldn’t that fundamentally change nothing?