Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • I detected deception when bernanke said …

    “…you said 5 trillion”

    Its a whole lot more.

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  • Then you tell me I obviously don’t understand the video? No I don’t understand your convoluted thought process, and I don’t understand why people don’t fact check their hero once and a while.

  • Sorry I didn’t mean to bring up a subject that was deeply personal to you. That was very insensitive of me. What comments on my feed are nuts? The ones where I say that Ron Paul is a sensationalist who lied by saying his bill was strictly for transparency? Where I say further transparency isn’t necessarily a bad thing? The one where I ask you why you’re so excited for a bill that gives the GAO more power of audit when you said the GAO were full of crooks?


  • The FED is owned by jews. It is a private bank. Not national at all.
    Jews profiting from American tax payers’ efforts and controlling their money.
    The last time dollar was issued by the American nation was done by Kennedy. He was shot for it, by jews.

  • My family was killed in a car crash, but thanks for reminding me! And, I can make any comment I want I don’t live by your rules and it seems everyone on here thinks your an idiot and you’re comments on your FEED are just nutzzzzz!

  • I have no idea what you are talking about. Thanks for checking my channel though. I checked yours you spend your entire life on YouTube comment pages. Next family reunion you attend, your family should start wearing contraceptives. You make no valid points, and say factually incorrect things you are obviously an idiot.

  • Think I’m with you on that one. The conspiracy shit gets old really quick too.

  • Looked at your channel and you’re a TROLL and a clear cut case of mistaken identity! Now, whose laughing….I AM…..CHECK MATE DUM ASS!

  • There is still the demand side of something like Gold that drives the price up. Whether its a crazy amount of ETF’s or India’s Consumption. Once Demand drops price drops, interest rates aren’t the root cause of the demand. It was fear of inflation, which has proven to be largely untrue. Unless you measure money supply the same way Ron Paul does, which is fucking stupid. What about other commodities, you didn’t see the same spikes you would expect if your analysis was correct.

  • lol stfu, you’re the dumbest person on here. At least he knows some shit. He’s just wrong about this, you may actually be retarded.

  • Lol, ok. You have time to respond to my post with an offtopic rant, but don’t have time to make a coherent point about commodity pricing being derived from interest rate swaps. Haven’t interest continued to move down over the last few months, more easing like you said, as gold prices have declined as well? Why did that happen? No shit speculators will put reserves in precious metals as interest rates decline, doesn’t mean you derive commodity prices from interest rates.

  • Yes I am serious. Please answer my question: How are commodity prices derived from interest rate swaps? I was basically saying I have no fucking clue how these things are valued. Do you? It doesn’t mean I don’t understand their basic functionality. You don’t fucking derive commodity prices directly from interest rate swaps. Why are you arguing with so many people on here when you obviously have no fucking clue what you are talking about. Answer my question please, just answer it.

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  • I like how you all speak of dollars like you don’t hold and spend them yourself. 😉 Just cracks me up. No, I won’t be shitting my pants very soon. They’ve shown you they are willing to manipulate the markets to keep their game going, so it continues.

    Oh dear God…. turn off the Alex Jones you whack job…. and go take your medicine. You and your ilk suffer from delusions of grandeur, and this is a prime example of it.

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  • I have the system running on promises? No, idiot, it does run on promises, without me having to do anything about it.

    Whoa wait…. You’re not even American? Then I won’t waste another minute on you.

  • Yes, idiot. The difference is they are not the same thing. You’re the only one saying it’s fake. Again, you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about, and you clearly do not understand the things you try to appear to understand. That was probably the most idiotic analogy I’ve ever seen.

  • Wow…. I think you make my point for me exactly. You guys are toss pots. Paranoid, delusional morons… every last one of you. A bunch of losers who think they understand things they don’t.