Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • The intense rage against Bernanke here is simply laughable. Keep at it, it entertains me.

  • only way to stop this monster i guess keep stacking silver if 8-10 million people bought 100oz for 10 years then silver will be extict silver will hit alltime high of $1500-5000 that will show bernake is a mupet buy silver buy gold


  • It holds one value, the market value. It can’t and shouldn’t be manipulated by an independent monetary authority, oversight or no.

  • gold is held as currency because chemically, it cannot be replicated. it is shiny. it must occur in nature only, therefore it is held in much higher regard as currency, as no one can unnaturally increase the supply of gold in order to reduce its worth.

  • gold is shiny metal we decided to base trade on and later decided to represent it with paper, because $1 in gold is very very very very tiny speck, but it is worthless we just revere it as something thats good for something other than tech

  • Everyone is a libertarian, some people just don’t know it yet

  • No I wouldn’t, but does gold retain only one value? Also printing up a lot of money doesn’t mean you have more gold. It can still devalue, mainly the fed seems to be doing what it wants with no real oversight or permission and I don’t think that’s right.

  • 4:55 “No it’s not money. Well, it’s an tradition.”

    [insert Homer Simpson laughter here]

  • Gold is money. It can be used as a medium of exchange, used to store value, and can be used as a unit of account.
    It holds its value, because it is valued.
    As for a means of insurance, would you put more faith in a piece of paper?

  • Didn’t say anything about paper, I still don’t know why gold is attributed so much value.

  • Gold has industrial and numismatic value (market value). Paper does not.

  • Gold is not money, it’s a mineral, it holds only as much value as it is attributed. Gold is not necessary for people’s survival, simply it is valued in the same manner as it was in the past centuries for those kind of reasons. That can always change and I wouldn’t take it as a type of insurance.

  • Like the look on bernanke’s face like someone getting on his case.

  • I think Bernanke is literally scared of Ron Paul

  • He is much worse than that, He is a Bilderberg scum, the Bilderbergs are much more dangerous.

  • Why not hold corn? or wheat? Of course Gold is money.

  • hookagold

    ” There’s gold and it’s haunting and haunting, it’s luring me on as of old, but It’s not so much the gold that I’m wanting, It’s just finding the Gold!”

    President Ron Paul 2012

  • Way more conservative especially.

  • sweet thanks

  • Bernanke once told Ron Paul where he hides all of his jew gold, but the senile gyno forgot it along with his eyebrow.