Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • He is covering a lot of material and doesn’t have much time. Cut him some slack.

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  • Oh God, Ben Bernanke is announcing more federal stimulus… This man is just a pawn in Obama’s cronyism and corrupt government.

  • Money is only worth what other people will give for exchange for it. Whether money takes form as gold, silver, or bank notes…it all comes down to confidence in that currency.

  • I don’t know nearly as much as Paul does about gold and the Federal Reserve, but I can tell from his reaction at the end of the video that he totally owned Bernanke.

  • You have a much better chance of winning the lotto than your single vote deciding the election in this electoral college system. Don’t listen to that “throwing away” your vote non-sense. Vote your conscience, vote your heart, vote what you believe in, vote what you have been fighting for all this time. Don’t vote your fears. Vote for FREEDOM. Live Free! Gary Johnson 2012 and keep the Ron Paul revolution going.

  • Money should not be limited by binding to gold, otherwise the money will not grow following commodity turnover. This will create deflation then unemployment and depression.
    If the dollar pegged to gold, the gold industry uses gold just stand up.
    And why gold, not aluminum or kilocalories or diaper?
    Incidentally, the using of gold as money did not save Spain from inflation in the conquest times.

  • 5:11 Ron Paul trollface 🙂

  • I think there is something really important to the value of gold… I think dec 21, 2012 will be a switch back to the value of gold. There is no closer correlation than between the relationship of gold vs. fiat currency value + assets. Those in charge (the Fed) know this, and they hold the gold.

    The Golden Rule: “Those who have the gold make the rules.”

  • if the english language is not your first, then please don’t think you understand enough about an english conversation to go ahead and start calling someone an “old man” in such a subtle offensive manner. gold isn’t “just a commodity,” it’s a currency that’s worth infinitely more than the valueless pieces of paper we call american money. the federal reserve created and gave money to criminal bankers, not the people. learn more about this country before judging what you do not know.

  • bernankee is a little weasel

  • English language not my native but I have understood it clear.
    Ben answered that all that billions was given to banks for loan and banks had return all that loans and FED had payed all profits of this operation to budget.
    FED payed taxes and all profit (except 6% of profit for banks-founders) for budget! If goverment want to give money for peaple – let it do it…
    And gold it’s just commodity. What’s going wrong with this old man?

  • the FED owns America his Ass!

  • Consumer spending is an important issue… spot on. He agrees with demand-side economics. Who wudda thought?

  • The Bernank is a front man, a mouthpiece for those who have him by the balls. Be mad at those people – the corporate banking elite clowns that are doing this to us.

  • google allow-ron-paul-to-be-put-up-fo­r-nomination-and-speak-during-­the-rnc – LESS THAN 50 MORE VOTES GUYS!!! COME ON RON PAUL!!!

  • I guess if you just dump the money down the drain it wouldnt be “spending it”

  • We should bring back the gold standard

  • 3:30 did he just say we have not been spending the money but we have been buying securitys? Really?

  • Bring back the American Liberty Dollar! PLEASE!