Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • When money is worthless, do you have things to barter?

  • When money is worthless, do you have things to barter?

  • Debt backs money, hence the problem. Money is now just paper, backed by debt.

  • I thought money was a representatian of gold. But golds not money?… Then whats backing the US dollar?
    This guys full of shit and is behind a lot of the curruption.
    Ron Paul would tear this dude up and set this disfuctional country straight.


  • u really have to understand that both guys in this debate feel as if they are doing the right thing in their own eyes.

  • Haha, splitting hairs in the extreme. You know as well as I that he was not referring to whether you could pay for your gas with a chuck of gold. He was referring to the principle of whether gold represented money anymore. If in fact you were referring to the point that obviously gold is not used as a medium of exchange anymore then your comment is pointless, and I must thank you for your wise observation that we can’t pay for groceries with bullion….seriously

  • Is Ron still in the race?
    Otherwise, are you guys supporting Obaba/Romys bilderberg mediatic electoral imposition.
    If Ron gets out, its not other thing than a fraud.

  • little$joe

    Gold is worth money

  • He makes a good point. The federal government made it illegal for any individual possess over a certain amount of gold. The government collected people’s gold and in exchange gave citizens paper that held a certain value. The point Ron Paul makes through Bernanke’s answer. Gold is money when dollars lose value making the American people and government poor and few individuals rich. Fyi, the Federal Reserve is not a government institution, it is privately ran.

  • Ron Paul is a little twerp. Dude should be sitting under a bridge with that constipated stare and balding head.

  • Ron Paul is a little twerp. Dude should be sitting under a bridge with that constipated stare and balding head.

  • Ron Paul is the man!

  • Nothing changes because nothing CAN change, the problem isn’t government, the problem is the system itself. And all you nationalistic assholes are going to see that one day. The entire money structure and materialistic society is a false society. What competition is there in your body? Say the brain says “I’m the most important organ!” and the liver says “I am! And I want to build a Free-Enterprise system.” You would rot away in a month, if every organ in your body went out for itself.

  • What a bunch of idiots. I can believe people still think you can “Vote for FREEDOM” or change ANYTHING by voting. I mean hahaha, You will never change anything by electing people of even high moral character into office. They all advocate “CHANGE” but every single time everything always stays the same, they don’t want to change anything. Presidents and governments are upholders of the status quo. Paper proclamations and social rhetoric mean nothing when dealing in management of human affairs.

  • Gold WAS money, and could be money again in the future, but it is not NOW money. Do you know what the meaning of the word is, is?

    Is gold money? Present tense. Answer: Not at this time
    Was gold money? Past tense. Answer: It used to be
    Will gold be money? Future tense. Answer: Possibly

    Since Ron Paul asked “Is gold money” (present tense) the answer is no.

  • ron paul sucks ass, what a loser….time to put this dumbass in a home & forget about him..if the dumbass forgets to change his depends how is he going to run a country ?..stupid fucking moron

  • The answer is yes. The only change that has occured since the days of when coins were made out of precious metals is the medium of exchange that it accepted. There is no reason why money could not revert to its previous form.

  • The voting system is fixed, don’t waste your time voting. People are eventually gonna notice that we need an entire system overhaul. Occupy Wall Street never effectively did anything, watch this country go in an another civil war. Libya, Egypt, and Syria serve as great foreshadows of what’s to come here.

  • The bitch to the left of berfake is an example why america is going down he tubes.

  • Why do central banks holds it?