Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • phil2856

    Ron Paul, so refreshing to hear this man, he will ask some honest, difficult questions. A person people should listen too..
    Thanks for posting.


  • kingofcajon

    Come on Grandpa Ron, get to your f’ing point…

  • mxf7010g8k

    Ron Paul for president.. to bad the general public is so brainwashed and stupid they would never elect him because of the media…

  • noyouaintgettingit
    Operation ONSLAUGHT


  • fauxmocracy

    how long has this vid been at 83,293 because the shortcut says over 140k views

  • thewodm

    Paul and his cult of idiots are incapable of grasping that today Gold is just another commodity like corn or silver or pork bellies and its value is determined and traded on a free market. There is not enough gold on the planet to underpin the US economy (unless you want to revalue everything and pay $100 for a gallon of gas) much less the world economy. I doubt there is a trillion dollars worth of gold in Fort Knox, . Paul is a retard and his true believers are bigger retards.

  • RustynailsKD

    New Ron Paul 2012 campaign ad!


  • ogodjohn

    Hello Ron..You had him.He had nowhere to go.keep it up and I bless you..



  • myviews1

    Gold is not money. It is a commodity

  • sunRsaturn

    But Bernanke knows there is only one Ron Paul and the majority of the government are sleeze bags like him.

  • samisyosam

    Under a gold standard, money supply is restricted by the supply of gold, based on world mine output. National gold supply could shrink because of shocks.
    The problem of fractional lending remains under a gold standard. The banking system could still create credit. Under such a regime, if everyone decided to redeem their paper currency for gold, the money supply would collapse and the result would be another Depression.
    The gold standard is not the “golden bullet” to our problems.

  • xxfallingapartx

    Federal reserve = legal ponzi scheme

  • JoshuasRevenge

    he burned his ass good.. “why don’t they hold diamonds??” hahaha u the man Ron Paul. 🙂

  • HConstantine

    This fool, this racist, may not be quite as dangerous as Bachman, but if her were elected it would be time to start thinking about leaving the country of about getting him removed on the basis of mental incompetance.

  • ArcesitorGmail

    RON!!! OMG!! Why did you ask him if Gold was money? The question should have been “Is gold CURRENCY?” Money is not real. The paper we call money is only worth as much as the value of the paper it is printed on. The current value of gold is also fake. Once the monetary system fails (and it will) the value of gold will only be as good as those who have it and set it in the economy to barter and trade.

  • bezant1971

    Why this video isn´t viral? Because 95% of the people that I know are sheep.

  • starlitopensky1

    Folks, study Bernanke well! He is a good example of a piece of liar! He is a manipulator and watch his choice of words. One should study him heavily for crookery. If you do this you will probably get better at determining whether your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/child/boss/government/etc. are lying. Bernanke is just a piece of slimy trash wearing an expensive suit!

  • Streetmastaalex

    Ron Paul is retiring from Congress. About damn time that old coon got out of politics for good

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