Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

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    z0mg its Hutch??

  • Proyale180

    “If the American people ever allow the banks to control issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied”. — Thomas Jefferson


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    god he looks like enrique iglesias…wait no he’s much cuter hehehehe!!!!

  • tanksbb

    Bernanke just wants to play word games. “Well, we didn’t actually spend it.” Yeah, MF, but you PRINTED it and injected it into the economy…what’s the difference? It’s your Keynesian economics that believes you can buy off bad debt rather than allowing it to liquidate. It’s YOUR GD Fiat Money System! That SOB is such a lying, conniving little worm that it just makes me sick to listen to him. The Fed has FAILED and has to go!!!!

  • VVaIrus

    lmfao PWNED

  • spesheled1

    If Bernanke had answered quickly and confidently without the look of confusion he would have saved some face. It really isn’t the fact he answered “No” that made him look incompetent. It was the look of being physically shaken by the question.

  • EvilResult

    queue the dramatic pause so that Bernanke can get comfortable with lying about whether gold is or is not money? thank you, now i’m more comfortable buying gold.

  • chronDiggity

    “Why don’t they hold diamonds”

    and that’s why I love Ron Paul. He shut him up. What did he say? It’s tradition!? ROFL. Come ON. If it was as he described, then they WOULD hold diamonds.

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    Everybody needs to sign this and urge congress not to censor the internet! Please share with all your friends!

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    Oh yeah, wicked beard brosif Bernanke.

  • DasB3CK

    Ron Paul for Pres yo. And thanks Hutch for sending me here.

  • atx5592

    So what was the point of asking if gold is money?…

  • lafler2000

    and you obviously don’t understand the point of this video, listen to the end where he asks bernanke if he thinks gold is money..maybe you’ll learn something

  • frugalbass

    count on the fox news viewers to turn a dumb accusation into a revelation. For the record gold is not money. Gold represents money but its NOT money. Money is something man made, gold is made by nature, God, or what ever else you chose to believe. Money can be used to represent gold, but gold can no longer be used to represent money. Those days are gone.

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    38 people think gold is pretty

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    LOVE IT!

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    thank you

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  • ewilsonlds

    How embarrassing for Bernanke. Haha. Ron Paul basically just asked him if the earth is round.

  • 2013skywalker

    HEY BEN THE SHLEMAZALA the best way to ROB the BANK is to OWN it , you ROBED all AMERICAN people OF a DISSENT life