Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • Wildkkat1

    This is the guy that runs the Fed,….Lets hire Elmer Fudd next term…?

  • zehnsechz

    he so isnt a racist

  • zehnsechz


  • feliztx

    wow…bernanke is a dumbass

  • FightingGatorz

    Obama is going to win. Republicans are going to cry. Cats are going to still be useless.

  • gamegenie11

    Thank you for caring Ron.

  • Vedaification

    Thumbs up if Hutch sent you. 🙂

  • alfafox101

    45 Democrats disliked this because they like spending tax payer dollars…

  • theaznfishy

    What? Another example of current actions and capital are not based on founding principles (like gold)? Hmm, sounds like the left has a lot of that going on.


  • lnclincoln

    Article 1 Section 10 οf tһе United States Constitution, “Nο State shall mаkе аחу Thing bυt Gold аחԁ Silver Coin a tender іח Payment οf Debts”

  • cglives

    So smooooth, Dr. Paul.
    The states need to secede en masse and abandon the fed’s lame hindquarters!

  • stophypocrisy

    Paul said it would be better spent if every American got $17,000 instead of the Banksters. I agree it’s like if we gave Sadam Hussein twice as much for a barrel of oil instead of spending 3 TRILLION dollars on war every driving American could have FREE gas for three years, no killed Americans and no murdered Iraqi s. It may have helped the economy from tanking. Bush/Obama are in the pocket of you know who!

  • Samc123456

    i only know ron paul from when bruno tried hitting on him

  • RascalKyng

    He was good… I have NEVER ever SEEN doctor Paul actually “Funnel” someone before? He trapped him…?!? “Is Gold Money?” lol nice!

  • DarthTroller

    I can hardly wait to start using gold as money. That will make going to the mall and shopping lots of fun. Carrying pockets full of gold bullion is alot better than than carrying cash. And the good thing about gold is that it never ever goes down in value. The late 70’s and the early 90’s never really happened. Gold always goes up, and never goes down, just like real estate!!

  • thefinder808

    It’s such a tragedy that Ron Paul will not get elected, he will have my vote but I really don’t have any hope that he will win. Not enough people even know what the fed is to really fear it and that’s one of the biggest problems.

  • PIeiadianAgenda

    44 people love being a slave to the Federal Reserve.

    RON PAUL 2012.

    Every time Paul confronts Bernanke, Bernanke has that “hand in the cookie jar” waver in his voice.

    Also, the girl sitting behind Bernanke is so laughing at his corrupt ass.

    Paul FTW.

  • x1Edgex

    Ever thinking of selling a small acer of the land to foreigner? but then again .

  • lnclincoln

    It says in the constitution that gold is money… fucking bernake is a moron

  • mrjon409

    I would love to see Ron Paul as President! Except that the majority of Americans are too stupid to vote for him.