Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • ileterate

    why dont you hold dimonds LAMO

  • felix13122
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  • innersmiff

    LOL Bernake’s face.

  • innersmiff

    LOL Bernake’s face.

  • sRod21

    To everyone,
    clearly schassse is just a “finance troll”. It would be best if everyone ignore his silly random logic.

  • ekualo08

    bernanke schooled once again by Dr Ron Paul. I love their debates.

  • altops

    LOL 386,000+ Youtube views , CSPAN , thats more than their actuall ratings

  • imatruthaddict

    So its ok for a bank to hold “assets” but its not ok to call it money?!? Why don’t they invest in futures or paper stocks then? Maybe because they realize that PAPER IS WORTHLESS…its just paper people, not money!

  • bprins20

    holding jewls is a tradtion? really? Man bernake get a different job

  • schassse

    gold can’t be very well used as money. if you go with a bar of gold to wal-mart, they are not going to take it for paiement. gold is not conveninent. it would be very complicated for wal-mart or any other store to equip all their stores with special devices to detect counterfeit

  • schassse

    The traditional and most basic test to define if something is money like piece of paper, commodity, item (gold, silver) — act as a: 1) medium of exchange; 2) store of value; and 3) unit of account.

    For gold and silver

    1) ok
    2) fail
    3) fail

    gold is not money

  • Yabuturtle

    Gold is not money even though it’s much more valuable, lasts longer, has other uses ect. And yet the paper that they print over and over, that’s not backed by ANYTHING, is money.

    I want my gold back.

  • FemaleFrogger

    “If people understood the banking system they would revolt.” ~ Henry Ford


    I can’t believe ANYONE would think that fiat money is better than commodity money and representative money.


    “(The Congress shall have Power) To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures”

    “No State shall…. coin Money; ….. make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts”

  • schassse

    people think gold is money LOL

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    Pul your pants up Ben, you’ve just been raped.

  • curtatlanta

    LOL. Gotcha Mr Chaiman.