Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • owlcu

    I like Ron Paul but there’s no way he’ll ever be president. It’s not enough to be smart and correct on issues — you have to know how to present your ideas, how to SPEAK. He is a terrible speaker, just horrendous. He sounds like he’s always whining. It makes me angry because if Obama said this stuff everyone would applaud and Bernanke would shit his pants. Actually, voting for anyone now is kind of like changing captains on the Titanic. Obama will be reelected and scape-goated for the collapse.


  • MrBriank29

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  • texasB666

    Bernanke needs a visit from Joe Pesci and his baseball bat.

  • Formula420Production

    You can hear the feminine little squeaks in Bernanke’s voice as he feebly tries to respond to Ron Paul. How does nobody else see this? Besides all the nonsense he continually spews out of his mouth, he acts like a scared little woman any time he is grilled on important issues. THAT should be the focal point. If there was nothing wrong, he wouldn’t look like he’s about to piss himself every time someone asks him something that requires brain power to answer.

  • Yabuturtle

    Is there anyone that Ron Paul doesn’t own?

  • Il Duce

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    United States owe especially China trillions of dollars. We can repay our debts by giving up a worthless state. From what I remember US purchase a land from Russia for 7million US dollars and is time to cash in and save our future generation.

  • jas672

    RP: Do you think gold is money?
    BB: Long awkward pause…

    RON PAUL 2012.

  • Oscar2ian

    Does anyone realise that $5.3 Trillion is enough to give every man, woman, and child in the United States more than $17,000? I wonder how long that much debt will take to repay?

  • snowfallzz

    Ron Paul -“Do you think gold is money?”
    Ben Bernanke- “no, it’s a precious metal”
    Ron Paul-“Why do central banks hold it? why not hold diamonds?”
    Ben Bernanke “Well it’s a form of reserves, it’s tradition.”

  • dannyjferrell

    Ron looks very presidential in this video. 🙂 Ron Paul 2012!

  • SuperSilverSaber

    How many god damn times is Ron Paul going to soul fuck this guy? Seriously, Ben Bernanke must feel like a little bitch to Ron Paul. I bet Ben Bernanke feels violated from being verbally fucked by Ron Paul. Damn son, Ron Paul go hard. Ron Paul for 2012.

  • H1X2N4

    The Gold Standard Act of the US passed in 1900 established gold as the only standard for redeeming paper money. The Act confirmed the nation’s commitment to the gold standard by assigning gold a specific dollar value of $20.67 per Troy ounce. In 1933 the US & Canada dropped the gold standard. Gold has always been considered as money historically Mr. Bernanke, how stupid are you? If the US owes money to another country, that country can insist payment in gold versus $s.

  • virtual4desires

    Listen to the bald headed bastard speak, his voice is quivering. Lies and more lies and he know’s he is tellin them.

  • N8Revolution

    RON PAUL 2012! Save the Dollar! Save America! Save the World!

  • VisionaryNetworker

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  • Radiant3clipse89

    its because he was only asked 3 questions
    in that gop debate…

  • activenetzwerke

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  • bossrube53

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  • bossrube53

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