Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • bossrube53

    If you are angry at the media, for ignoring Ron Paul and the American people let them know

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  • DannySommers1523

    How dumb do you have to be?? “it’s left over from the brettob woods standard”. Did you not watch the same video as everyone else? They are still buying gold as we speak you moron “it’s tradition”. Gold is money $1800/ oz. Your house is an asset, yet it can be bargained for money, assets are money because the hold a value. They just aren’t a fiat currency, but you can use them as money because they hold value. Anyone who says Ron Paul doesn’t know what he’s talking about, when he’s talking

  • blacksamuraii87

    Damn he straight schooled him on monetary policy. He looked like a deer in headlights. Ron Paul 2012


  • uturniaphobic

    gold is denominated in dollars as are all commodities. make the dollar smaller and gold looks bigger. but in reality gold is the straight line and all currencies are falling.

  • Brutherfordium

    I can’t believe I read an article on CNN saying Ron Paul wouldn’t even end the FED… He is the only person who brought it to the playing field!

    I am glad there are other sources for information, if so I would have been believing lies…

    I’m a new Ron Paul follower!

  • chadmaster100

    Ron Paul is the man i just hope that hi will be healthy and the USA goverment dont make him disapert 🙁

    he is danger to big powerfull corporatons

  • celer1ty2

    LOL Ron Paul obviously knows nothing about what he’s talking about. Of course gold is not money, it’s a commodity. Also, Fed has NOT bought many toxic assets since they are only allow to buy AAA MBS. And gold plays absolutely no role in a modern economy. Fed stores gold because it’s remains from the Bretton Woods-standard.

  • kevinherbert

    Bernanke looks like a rabbit confronted by a cobra.

  • airtudowu

    “Do you wake up in the morning & wonder what the price of GOLD is?” LMAO LOL HAHA I like dis Ron Paul guy I ‘m realist & I have never heard someone who sounds like me when viewing & looking at things people do. I would vote for him! Thats a lot from me I almost gave up on America.

  • AayTayBayProductions

    does this guy just shit a brick everytime Ron Paul has the floor to speak?

  • Djrealign

    Incredible! ”well it’s tradition……….


    Ron Paul believes in UFOs. Just saying.

    • Jim

      At least he doesn’t believe in the fed, which is far worse.

  • 88888FORCE

    Ron Paul vs Bernanke: Is Gold Money? –
    Sept-14-2011 – Congressman Ron Paul questions Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in a U.S. House Financial Services Committee Meeting shortly after reports surfaced that the Federal Reserve was preparing for a third round of quantitative easing.

  • PeoplePower

    If Gold is not money why to the Government/Fed try to confiscate it ? It’s the real money!

    Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • Longhornzrock96
  • UCSDEngineerDoctor

    Newt on Ben Bernanke – “I will fire him tomorrow. I think he’s been the most inflationary, dangerous & power-centered chairman of the Fed in the history of the Fed.” I would also describe OBAMA the same way.

  • bossrube53

    If you are angry at the media, for ignoring Ron Paul and the American people let them know!
    FOX news room 212-301-5800
    CNN news desk 404-827-2751
    CNN news desk fax: 404-827-3368
    MSNBC – 212-664-3720
    We must make our voices heard, we can make a difference. Call and let them know we see what they are doing and there will be consequences, like not watching their sorry excuse for news. Join the Ron Paul Sign Bomb so that we can show them how much suport Ron Paul has

  • bossrube53

    1 – Google Ron Paul in 60 minutes petition

    2 - Petition - CBS News 60 minutes - Get Ron Paul go to

    3 - sign the petition

  • G1987Jason

    The Jew Cancer must be removed from society. If you would like to become aware of what is destroying America without the nutty conspiracies .. check out my channel.