Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • Nothing Bernanke said is as outlandish as these comments suggest.

  • Ron Paul can’t debate like me.


  • So, if there is no gold in the Treasury, then how does RP expect to put the country on the gold standard? Where does he get the gold? Does he have everybody dig for it in their back yard?

    The only source would be the Fed since by 1972 all the gold LEGALLY went to them after it had been all used up as collateral.

    So, does RP plan on taking “their” property by FORCE or non-coercively, like a good little libertarian, with the “invisible hand” of the “free market” & borrow it all over again?

  • Owned. Look at those eyebrows go up. Bernanke has nightmares about Ron Paul!

  • confidence is the base of a paper money based system. europe is about to collapse. usa is thriving. the unemployment rate is normal. we have the same rate in canada and we are happy. so swallow your spit and work hard like those brave canadians, buddy!

  • I cant believe how scared Benny sounds. Someone check his ankles for piss

  • He’s a puppet. Our prez is a puppet. Media is all puppets. Nd we r suppose to be puppets as well. But every puppet has a puppet master. So as much as Ben lies nd talks in circles he being told to. Sooooo if we expose who pulls the strings u take the head off this this war mongering money stealing lie spewing monster. Nd Ron Paul nd his supporters are key to that. Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!

  • Could you pinpoint some of the lies? Like, refer to them in this vid by timestamps – and then bring the facts into light.

  • Holy shit, I can’t believe the amount of lies coming out of Helicopter Ben’s pie hole.

  • The sad reality is most people are too dump to understand the scam of paper money & the Federal Reserve banking cartel nor how they are being ripped off. A minimum level of IQ is required to understand the scam and most fall below that threshold.

  • What do you expect, people elected Bush 2 times. US is full of ignorant uneducated people that will call Ron Paul racist.

  • Seriously. It drives me nuts to hear people call him a racist. He’s a Libertarian for Christ sakes. If they understood what that means, they would know that at the very heart of Libertarianism is equality and liberty.

  • Every fiat currency in history has failed, the dollar is no diferent. That alone should make people wake up but not many are. We used to be on the gold standard, but in 1971 we moved to the PetroDollar system. This is why we have a continuous war in the Middle East (where the oil is). Saddam Hussein of Iraq tried to leave the system. He was hanged. Moammar Gaddafi of Libya tried to leave the system. He was beaten to death. Now Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran is trying to leave it. I sense a new war.

  • yeaa great way to prove your point, just straight up retarded insults wheres your proof and do you even know what socialist means? you obviously haven’t done research he is not against gays or a racist


  • I would also point out that calling someone a homophobic queer is an oxymoron, you paramecium-brained neophyte.

  • Please explain, in the most eloquent way you can manage ( extra points will be awarded for sentences that include duh, beer, and God ), how you can call Dr. Paul a big government proponent. As far as the other comments, I will simply say you haven’t the slightest clue what you’re talking about.

  • Ron Paul is an idiot big government socialist racist homophoic queer.

  • Ron Paul is an idiot big government socialist racist homophoic queer.

  • Ron Paul is an idiot big government socialist racist homophoic queer.