Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • I worked with USA citizens in Canada. they were tired to have shitty jobs in USA so they moved to Canada

  • dont worry…. there are no jobs in canada

  • Gold comes from the bowels of the earth & it’s value is determined by scarcity. Martin Luther called it “dirty, filthy, lucre”. It is the foundation of plutocracy.

    American Revolutionaries were not plutocrats. They did not believe in a natural law of scarcity but one of abundance that came from God.

    Article 10 is no gold standard but a constraint imposed by & (not on) the U.S. Treasury to limit states to gold or silver coin.

    That is why Federal paper says “In GOD we trust” & not GOLD.

  • I know bro but practice makes perfect

  • Its not hard to understand the Fed Reserve holds gold and uses that to lend 10x that amount basically using money out of thin air to make profit if they fuck up its okay they just print more, they also lend money to the U.S goverment they print x amount to the goverment and just add it to the U.S Bill eventually your going to have to pick up that bill which is why the U.S goverment is fucked cos they borrowed too much from Fed and other Creditors.


  • he aint Bernanke probably just some kid looking for someone to notice him so dont bother lol

  • what we are afraid in canada is to see all those americans crossing the border to find jobs in canada

  • Give me gold over the $ or € any day.

    Sterling is fairing slightly better . Thank God we never joined the single monetary union as that will turn to rat shit soon, once Greece, Spain, Ireland and possibly France jump out.

    The world has been fucked up by the 1%.

    From a proud British RP supporter

  • yeah dude but your all so close to us why don’t we just become Canada and America? well call it: AMERICA!

  • we deal with chinese more and more.dont worry. we skip the middle man

  • nah nah you hearing me but you aint listening, yah trade with us, and if america does bad economically, it hurts canada and vice versa. your us bro!

  • Canada is protected by the Queen. we are part of the British Commonwealth

  • You are correct, he cannot. what he does do instead is tell the truth, whereas all you do is attempt to distract and confuse whilst hiding behind lies and propagandized terms. You are a small man, and the sleeping giant is awakening. Your day is coming you arrogant son of a bitch and when it does you will not be able to lie your way out of it. No nation will be able to keep you safe, no island will be small enough to hide you. fear the people chairman for you are few and we are many do THAT math

  • canada is america

  • “real estate prices have only gone down since then”

    home prices went down to a resonable price. just a simple correction.

    you will see, in a few years it will go better.

    in canada we made it right and our economy is excellent. we also had a huge debt.

    in america, they conspire all the time.

    asked yourself what you can do for your country, not what your country can do for you.

  • You are brainwashed. You have no idea of the impending collapse that will unfold as debt is deleveraged through currency devaluation, higher taxes and through default.

    If banks were insolvent having been leveraged 50 to 1 on mortgages back in 2008, and real estate prices have only gone down since then, what do you think their fianancial state is like now?

    Central bankers count on a vast number of idiots like you in the system who don’t know very much. Its easier to rob these suckers blind.

  • In Canada, we are currently repaying our debt. USA will do the same. just relax. stop buying gold. you are brainwashed…

  • There is no recovery. There is only massive debt spending to keep the paper ponzi scheme going. We are approaching an end of a cycle where taking on more debt does not produce real returns in economic output.

    There is no intention to repay the debt and fake statistics are being used to keep interest rates down. Once the bond holders realise this and start demanding higher yield to hold debt, the paper ponzi scheme will crash. Savers, wage earners et al. will bare the brunt. Beware.

  • many countries have huge debt including canada. the debt is not only for the usa. countries during recessions increases their debt to minimize the recession. when economy is recovered countries will easily repay their debts. dont worry

  • apparently you are unaware of the multi trillion dollar deficits being run every YEAR to keep the ponzi scheme going.

    don’t worry, you’ll clue in soon enough.