Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

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  • gold is money”

    But is money gold? Money comes from the Greek word “nomisma”, i.e. nomos (LAW), which is anything assigned, a usage, custom, law or ordinance.

    According to Aristotle, money (nomisma), unlike gold, exists NOT BY NATURE but by law & therefore “within the power to change it & make it useless”, i.e. of no intrinsic value.

    For 300 yrs, Sparta used “brittle” iron. Rome used copper. Both were valued above their commodity content.

    So, why should paper be any different?

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  • Praise from Ceasar.

    After all, who knows more about failure than a GOPher for RP?

  • I’d be curious to hear RP’s definition of money. Is it just any commodity?

  • Gold will float above currency…(missed that bit out) ! 🙂

  • Listen you dumb piece of shit. We are not going to a gold backed currency. We will keep currency in paper and digital form for transactions to make the economy work. Gold will above the currency as a store of wealth so that the more a country prints, the less their currency is worth, but their overall wealth stays the same. Get it? Now tell your mom I said hi.

  • No wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t respect the intelligence of the american public. It’s because people like Bernanke could convince you of anything as long as he says it confidently.

  • Wow fail.

  • You do know going back to a gold base currency does not mean you will walk around with gold right? fail.

  • Anybody who wants to take the manufacture of currency out of the hands of private banks & put it in the hands of the government is no Republican.

    Nevertheless, RP’s supporters in the GOP treat him like OJ: “…if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit”.

  • gold is money. Bernanke is an idiot.

  • Its tradition…. You know we hold on to things because our parents did no questions asked??? Bullshit GOLD has been recognised precious since the egyptians, thin air is not money gold is…

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  • I think Bernanke is doing a pretty good job in answering those questions, the problem here is that someone isn’t willing to listen.

  • Alot of USA jobs were shipped to other countries resulting in unemployment.

  • everybody is broke, we will do alot better in mexico than canada, plus the san pedro grow wild there.


  • A 1oz gold coin is the result of all the discovering, mining, refining and minting- all that work embedded in that coin. Making 100 of these gold coins takes exactly 100 times the effort to make one coin. The government canprint a $1 bill for the same cost it can print a $1million bill.

  • Tradition my ass.