Ron Paul: Conviction, Not Compromise!

Ron Paul’s First 2012 TV Ad

Are you ready to watch Ron Paul’s much-anticipated first TV ad for the 2012 primaries?

Released earlier today, the 65-second spot is dedicated to Ron Paul’s principled stance on the debt ceiling controversy. As we all know, only Ron Paul will not compromise when it comes to cutting spending and balancing the budget!

Watch the ad now:

In the 1980s they did it to Reagan – a debt ceiling compromise, Democrats promising spending cuts, but delivering only tax hikes. The 1990s brought more compromises, more broken promises and more new taxes. This August, the next chapter will be written, a defining moment. $14 trillion in debt, millions unemployed, the dollar in decline. We know where they stand. But will our party’s leaders repeat the mistakes of the past? Will they choose compromise or conviction? One candidate has always been true, Ron Paul. Cut spending, balance the budget, no deals. Standing up to the Washington machine, guided by principle. Restore America now.



Best ad EVER!! GO, GO, GO, Dr. NO!!! Ron Paul 2012! I am a BLUE REPUBLICAN!!!!


Great ad. Very topical, as it leverages TEA Party disgust over Boehner and McConnell rolling over to let Obama raise the debt ceiling so they can hopefully blame the Democrats in the fall. Americans know we’re WAY beyond playing the blame game, and it’s long past time to do something. They’re finally figuring out the fact that the GOP establishment differs from the Democratic establishment in marketing only. They’re both the party of big government. Ron Paul 2012!


Outstanding! It’s great and it’s much more polished than 2008.


Very exciting ad. Makes the right point that compromise with reducing the increases only yields more than what should be and feeds the big government machine with our labors and our children’s future. What part of CUT don’t you understand? We cannot have less government while spending ever more! Chop spending to equal revenues, end of story.
Great ad – well done – share with everyone in your email address book!!! Let’s go viral !!!


That was the best campaign commerical I have ever seen. First class all the way.


conviction is based on fundamental principles that do not change when circumstances change, because they are always valid (like freedom and rights). (based in courage)
compromise (of principles), is sophistry, which changes to suit an agenda and in order to deceive and manipulate. (based in fear and a reactionary, irrational nature)(giving up freedom for the illusory “security”…)

Robert M.:

Ron Paul is vilified by Republicans and Democrats, marginalized by the news media and a clear and present danger to the global elite.

Furthermore, he is the ONLY Presidential Candidate with the historical conviction, unwavering values and powerful intellect that can provide true leadership in our country’s time of need.

He’s more than a mere candidate, he is an idea whose time has come!

By way of comparison, here’s a quick flashback to Ron Paul’s first TV ad back from the 2008 election season.

The ostensibly low-budget homage to Ron Paul became an online sensation and an instant classic with grassroots supporters, but it did not have much of an impact on New Hampshire voters.

Ron Paul’s First 2008 TV Ad


  • unite4peaceonearth

    Please God, Ron Paul 2012. He’s our only hope!

  • warequalsnofuture

    Usually WAY less people are voting for a vid than the those who are watching it.

    In other Ron Paul vids for example 150.000 ppl have seen it and like 1100 have voted for a like.

    Here we have 1135 people liking it but only 302 views since hours.

    Normally there would be way over a 100.000 view by regards f how many people liked the vid.

    But 302 ?!

    C’mon YT. You are betraying us!

  • mjs1231

    Love it, launch it out there, wake up the sloths

  • Nevarwinter

    Wow! Nicely done.

  • baparson

    Hmmmm, 1,131 likes but only 302 views …

  • Coffeeandasmoke

    Sending this every where. Good job to all, and my thanks.

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  • Wizeguy525


    If Americans are to blinded to not support you fully this time around, then I’m afraid America is in for some very dark times.

    It’s going to really fall on the shoulders of US, the Ron Paul supporters to help spread the message and to get more Americans to do their own research and hopefully come to the same conclusions RP supporters have.

    Ron Paul is the best running candidate bar none!

  • katsfanman

    Nice Run Ron Run !

  • earthfriendlylife

    1113 likes and 11 dislikes. 302 views : /

  • alex1af

    Ronl Paul or bust.

  • bgamble43

    And by “bat-shit crazy” you mean “the man!”

  • thegeneraltheory

    Good advertisement, but Ron Paul is bat-shit crazy.

  • lathankilbrand

    great ad indeed

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    Awesome ad!!

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    Awesome ad. Imagine if Ron Paul had that voice?

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    This is epic

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    Pretty good ad, actually. Usually ads piss me off, even if it’s for something I like, lol.


    Ron Paul is our last true chance to get our liberty back !!

    Now is the time to fight hard to get him in the presidency.

    Wear your Ron Paul t-shirts everywhere ,talk to anyone that shows any interest,

    signs signs and more signs !!!

    Knock on doors of good locations and ask if your can put a RP sign up.