Ron Paul: Conviction, Not Compromise!

Ron Paul’s First 2012 TV Ad

Are you ready to watch Ron Paul’s much-anticipated first TV ad for the 2012 primaries?

Released earlier today, the 65-second spot is dedicated to Ron Paul’s principled stance on the debt ceiling controversy. As we all know, only Ron Paul will not compromise when it comes to cutting spending and balancing the budget!

Watch the ad now:

In the 1980s they did it to Reagan – a debt ceiling compromise, Democrats promising spending cuts, but delivering only tax hikes. The 1990s brought more compromises, more broken promises and more new taxes. This August, the next chapter will be written, a defining moment. $14 trillion in debt, millions unemployed, the dollar in decline. We know where they stand. But will our party’s leaders repeat the mistakes of the past? Will they choose compromise or conviction? One candidate has always been true, Ron Paul. Cut spending, balance the budget, no deals. Standing up to the Washington machine, guided by principle. Restore America now.



Best ad EVER!! GO, GO, GO, Dr. NO!!! Ron Paul 2012! I am a BLUE REPUBLICAN!!!!


Great ad. Very topical, as it leverages TEA Party disgust over Boehner and McConnell rolling over to let Obama raise the debt ceiling so they can hopefully blame the Democrats in the fall. Americans know we’re WAY beyond playing the blame game, and it’s long past time to do something. They’re finally figuring out the fact that the GOP establishment differs from the Democratic establishment in marketing only. They’re both the party of big government. Ron Paul 2012!


Outstanding! It’s great and it’s much more polished than 2008.


Very exciting ad. Makes the right point that compromise with reducing the increases only yields more than what should be and feeds the big government machine with our labors and our children’s future. What part of CUT don’t you understand? We cannot have less government while spending ever more! Chop spending to equal revenues, end of story.
Great ad – well done – share with everyone in your email address book!!! Let’s go viral !!!


That was the best campaign commerical I have ever seen. First class all the way.


conviction is based on fundamental principles that do not change when circumstances change, because they are always valid (like freedom and rights). (based in courage)
compromise (of principles), is sophistry, which changes to suit an agenda and in order to deceive and manipulate. (based in fear and a reactionary, irrational nature)(giving up freedom for the illusory “security”…)

Robert M.:

Ron Paul is vilified by Republicans and Democrats, marginalized by the news media and a clear and present danger to the global elite.

Furthermore, he is the ONLY Presidential Candidate with the historical conviction, unwavering values and powerful intellect that can provide true leadership in our country’s time of need.

He’s more than a mere candidate, he is an idea whose time has come!

By way of comparison, here’s a quick flashback to Ron Paul’s first TV ad back from the 2008 election season.

The ostensibly low-budget homage to Ron Paul became an online sensation and an instant classic with grassroots supporters, but it did not have much of an impact on New Hampshire voters.

Ron Paul’s First 2008 TV Ad


  • laurabooo

    vote ron paul!! this is the first election im going to vote in i think he is supporting all the right things:) GO RON PAUL 2012

    • Lone Puma

      Author: laurabooo:

      Amen sister!
      And, we need to keep Ron Paul in prayer, even if he’s not a Christian, which I hope at some point int time he becomes saved.

  • waqasali03

    I’m Ron Paul and i approve this message

  • giants1021

    Check out this website for Ron Paul supporters.
    Take 30 seconds to sign your name and show your support as we try to get all of his followers unified in one place. Tell America that we will NOT settle for any other candidate. Spread the word.

  • justatrey

    We need to focus on educating people about the simple fact that they are being flat out ROBBED. This is not a difficult concept.

    When the Fed creates new money from nothing (i.e. counterfeiting) and lends it, the result is that money supply is increased, and your savings and income decrease in value because prices go up. They will continue to steal from us until we have an educated public that understands what is happening.

    Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that speaks about this.

  • PFavata

    LOL now you are putting words in my mouth. Let’s try this; you tell me what your issue is and then give me a candidate that has the solution you seek or tell me what you solution is. then we can compare it to a Paul position

  • urdisturbing

    Debate question: should the 5 year old child of an illegal immigrant recieve emergancy medical care?

    Ron Paul: Well the government has bankrupted the system and we need freedom and blah blah blah. Look over there, a distraction!

    John Stewart: I’m sorry Mr. Paul, the correct answer is YES.

    Dogmaticism can make decent people (Ron Paul) think terrible things.

  • PFavata

    Are you relying on wikipedia? be careful you don’t know who is writing those things. I am not for government control on how what why where and when. But if you understood the purpose of Glass Steagal perhaps you would understand my position better. That would be a good discussion too.

  • uiluj13



  • PFavata

    Free market does not = no regulation at all. You are being naive now.

  • PFavata

    They’re filled with the right words during the crafting period to calm us but are always filled with loopholes and or complete carve outs once the media has moved us on in another direction. Dodd Frank is the most glaring though not the only example. I am not against public ed. I am for the control of content and wallet at the local level. Do you go to DC to go to the Dr? Do you need the feds to tell you what to wear or eat? You sounded as pissed as the rest of use earlier. Now you defend?

  • compukenny

    Ron Paul is this countrys best hope for the future.

  • PFavata

    the 1920’s was another easy money period for the US that lead ultimately to a financial collapse. As for regulation, nowhere in this have i suggested that I was anti regulation. I think I gave an example or two of elegant, useful regulation. Probably the most efficient regulation ever written by a government in Glass Steagall which was crash resulting from that 1920’s easy money period you brought up. It was a simple document brief and to the point. nowadays they require 2000 pages and mean nada

  • PFavata

    LOL I deal with free markets everyday. Well, I used to until all that deregulation we’ve been talking about. Now I deal in fixed markets with so much regulation at the small business level that it is nearly impossible to fund small businesses which of course are the driver of job growth in this country. As far as education, I’m guessing from your comments that you are happy with the overall performance of our children in the classroom vs other children around the globe. I think we can do better.

  • TheRealCadaver

    Therefore you have little insight as to the benefits and the downfalls of that system.

  • Quick mention as I didn’t want to overload anyone with my last comment, besides the few items to enable more people to work in this country, we need to address the illegal alien problem head-on.

    It would be nice to be able to send all illegal aliens back home based on the felonies they committed, however, if after a certain period of time, the culture in their home country has been dramatically changed, it would be tough to throw someone to a place where it would cause them undue hardship. You may think this view is too liberal, but you have to imagine being in their place: if you unlawfully crossed a border to live elsewhere and the government was TOO LAME to do anything about it and you set yourself up to live there and suddenly the government decides to finally enforce the law, it would be a huge problem. Now, I wouldn’t go back more than 25 years, but some compromise could be set, such as anyone coming here after 1996 would have to leave the country. There should be no automatic amnesty for anyone coming here after some prescribed time and from now on and int the future no one would be allowed to stay for any reason at all if they come in here unlawfully. Once we make it clear the laws of unlawful entry will be enforced then all should know the consequences. We won’t get rid of all approximately 15 million persons, but even if just 5 million were forced to go, there’s be another million homes available to reduce the cost of living further which makes the shorter legal workweek feasible, not to mention the direct effect of more than a million job openings would be created immediately.

    The other prong to help the American labor force in light of this world economy and our corporations being the money whores they are, we could penalize them for each foreign worker they hire on a per hour basis at the rate of the federal minimum wage as follows:
    1) If foreigner is on US soil, the penalty per hour is 1X the federal minimum wage
    2) If foreigner is offshore, the penalty per hour is 2X the federal minimum wage
    You will see corporations quickly coming to the realization that hiring Americans would be financially to their benefit.

    Thank you very much for reading.

  • RamseyDigital


  • markapsolon

    Libertarians for Ron Paul!

  • Shawn Gunter

    God Bless You Ron Paul, You are truly the man for the job, Incredible Ad:)

  • PFavata

    The greatest example of deregulation to take place was clearly during the Clinton years, though I agree with your point. Mr. Paul is not for the de-funding of education. He is for placing it into the hands local govt to the parents. I don’t want big brother telling me what I can and cannot do where my child is concerned. Even his position on abortion, personally he is a right to lifer, but does not feel it is his right to impose his belief on others. His position on gay marriage is the same.

  • Shawn Gunter

    God Bless You Ron Paul, You are truly the man for the job, Very Cool Ad:)