Ron Paul: Conviction, Not Compromise!

Ron Paul’s First 2012 TV Ad

Are you ready to watch Ron Paul’s much-anticipated first TV ad for the 2012 primaries?

Released earlier today, the 65-second spot is dedicated to Ron Paul’s principled stance on the debt ceiling controversy. As we all know, only Ron Paul will not compromise when it comes to cutting spending and balancing the budget!

Watch the ad now:

In the 1980s they did it to Reagan – a debt ceiling compromise, Democrats promising spending cuts, but delivering only tax hikes. The 1990s brought more compromises, more broken promises and more new taxes. This August, the next chapter will be written, a defining moment. $14 trillion in debt, millions unemployed, the dollar in decline. We know where they stand. But will our party’s leaders repeat the mistakes of the past? Will they choose compromise or conviction? One candidate has always been true, Ron Paul. Cut spending, balance the budget, no deals. Standing up to the Washington machine, guided by principle. Restore America now.



Best ad EVER!! GO, GO, GO, Dr. NO!!! Ron Paul 2012! I am a BLUE REPUBLICAN!!!!


Great ad. Very topical, as it leverages TEA Party disgust over Boehner and McConnell rolling over to let Obama raise the debt ceiling so they can hopefully blame the Democrats in the fall. Americans know we’re WAY beyond playing the blame game, and it’s long past time to do something. They’re finally figuring out the fact that the GOP establishment differs from the Democratic establishment in marketing only. They’re both the party of big government. Ron Paul 2012!


Outstanding! It’s great and it’s much more polished than 2008.


Very exciting ad. Makes the right point that compromise with reducing the increases only yields more than what should be and feeds the big government machine with our labors and our children’s future. What part of CUT don’t you understand? We cannot have less government while spending ever more! Chop spending to equal revenues, end of story.
Great ad – well done – share with everyone in your email address book!!! Let’s go viral !!!


That was the best campaign commerical I have ever seen. First class all the way.


conviction is based on fundamental principles that do not change when circumstances change, because they are always valid (like freedom and rights). (based in courage)
compromise (of principles), is sophistry, which changes to suit an agenda and in order to deceive and manipulate. (based in fear and a reactionary, irrational nature)(giving up freedom for the illusory “security”…)

Robert M.:

Ron Paul is vilified by Republicans and Democrats, marginalized by the news media and a clear and present danger to the global elite.

Furthermore, he is the ONLY Presidential Candidate with the historical conviction, unwavering values and powerful intellect that can provide true leadership in our country’s time of need.

He’s more than a mere candidate, he is an idea whose time has come!

By way of comparison, here’s a quick flashback to Ron Paul’s first TV ad back from the 2008 election season.

The ostensibly low-budget homage to Ron Paul became an online sensation and an instant classic with grassroots supporters, but it did not have much of an impact on New Hampshire voters.

Ron Paul’s First 2008 TV Ad


  • sonicxx85

    Who’s gonna make us pay our bills?

  • KenMacMillan

    YouTube needs to add the reaction “Inspiring”.

  • Lone Puma

    Author Jim:

    There’s something about people and their lack of a moral compass, Mitt Romney seems to have traded his away for money, which suggest more of the status quot, corruption, should we go along with his ideologies.

    American’s cannot afford any more of these degenerates, which would end with more of the same. It’s imperative we elect people with absolute integrity, anything less would undoubtedly fall back on us in spades. Please reconsider your conscience and vote for godly men and women.

    Kindly said.

  • whatdouthink96

    $17,000,000,000,000 dollars in debt…you know what this means right? Obama will leave this country at around $20,000,000,000,000 in debt so that the librals can bash the next republican president about having a bad economy and then convince uneducated American voters to vote for a liberal president and the whole process starts over again, although each time getting more and more into debt.

  • quest847

    i hate these ads… dramatic shit

  • LeCommensale

    “Guided by principle”. I could not have used better words.
    Do you hear that, almost every other politician in Washington D.C.? The key word is principle, as in, having a good set of values and not abandoning them when its unpopular or unprofitable.


    DOW down 500 points today thanks to Ron Paul and the rest of the tea baggers. You don’t try to balance the budget when unemployment is 9.2% dumb ass! The time to balance the budget was 2004-2007 when the economy was at full employment. You are a irresponsible piece of shit.

  • vehilli

    I’m praying that this man becomes a candidate for the republican party because i would record the debates between him and Barack Obama. Vote Ron Paul 2012

  • Figila001

    After watching videos about Ron Paul, I would actually be more comfortable with either Obama or him as president, as an independent, they both seem confident in their abilities to lead and the strength of their plans.

  • Someideasandstuff

    The latest Zeitgeist film is on youtube. It’s called Moving Forward with over 8 million views in 6 months

    • PeoplePower

      Zeitgeist film is on youtube. Moving Forward with over 8 million views in 6 months hmm that makes over 8 million ppl to kick their ass out lol.

      Acording to rumor the A-51 base is owned by the fed, & us army is controlled by freemason’s 5-point star on vehicles, 5-star generals, I can’t wait to see what comes out of that audit.

      Go Ron Paul 🙂

  • smoothloverinor

    Dr. Paul sent out a letter the other day calling for 1.4 million in donations for his plans to win the Ames Straw Poll on Aug. 13th. He has a very good chance of winning, but he needs your help. Any amount will help, so please go to RonPaul2102 dotcom and make a donation today!

  • Fishdogpigsquirrel

    lol Americans u dun goof’d

  • dsg0006

    man, this ad is Ron Paul trying to reel in support of the dumb conservative masses. as a Libertarian supporter of Ron Paul it is a smart move, but I worry that this is going to mean that he is “compromising” with traditional republican ideology which isn’t going to work. Look at Obama’s campaign, and what happened to all those promises of hope. This is a messed up system if it is suppressing the voices of popular opponents of the status quo. I am just making a point, not saying that’ll happen.

  • lb8068


  • Jim

    Well here is a link showing just how wonderful and above board Mitt Romney is. Nice to know how the so called leader in the polls, does things. Perfect example of how the status quo operates.

  • YouOnTheKillcam

    thumbs up if you know this guy from bruno

  • JayVexVideo

    Sweet Jesus is this real? I honestly can’t tell.

  • ElectricSparks2425

    Obama LIAR said end status quo,end Obama/Bush wars!Pretends decrease in future increases is a ‘cut’!Did 1/3 of bailout go overseas to foreign private central bankers?YES!Pretends like increased taxes in hard economy is ‘increases in revenue’!We need JOBS,not Obama UNEMPLOYMENT,nor inflated food energy housing etc costs!Obama’s record?FAILURE!American principles are our God given right as humans,we need leader with integrity and principles that made USA successful in first place,we need RON PAUL!

  • Romeowasbleeding1

    Much respect to ED for supporting this video!

  • Piitsi

    I like Ron Paul, but this video indicates that when it comes to deficits the GOP was better than the democrats when the opposite was true. Its not about the parties, it’s about interest and Ron Paul is pretty much the only one who is truthful were his interest lie. In the constitution and with the people. And Reagan was just an other war monger.