STAR TREK: The Search for Ron Paul

  • whats bad is the is a star trek episode where data and picard are describing ron paul


  • That was TOO STOOOOPID!!!!! You don’t sully STAR TREK!!!!!

  • And he ain’t even a citizen of Ferengi Alliance :D.

  • Dr. Paul has a better chance of being elected Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance.

  • The federation isn’t communist.They, however, have invented matter replicates which make s most forms of economic scarcity a thing of the past.

    In DS9 the lefties of the writes make really clear in the form of Quark and Ferengi, which is an absurd caricature of a free society that is so filled with mistakes is worth laughing at.

  • I find this funny because in the Star Trek universe they’ve got a left-libertarian leisure economy.

  • Yeah isn’t the federation communistic? They wouldn’t like Paul. This is pretty ironic.

  • thanks to capitalism, we’ve got the talking boxes already :p

  • oh brilliant!

  • oh brilliant!

  • Clever application of alternate dialogue and scenes. 🙂

  • The dialogue fits remarkably well. Good show!

  • love of liberty currently functioning well within targeted parameters, proceed.

  • love of liberty currently functioning well within targeted parameters, proceed.

  • haha

  • More like Paul Androids. Our love of liberty is functioning within normal parameters.

  • Freakin’ PaulBots.

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  • Youtube this:

    “How To Vote For Ron Paul – Watch And Understand”

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  • This was awesome lol