STAR TREK: The Search for Ron Paul

  • americanjedi77

    While this video is funny and I agree w/ it’s message, you can CLEARLY tell it was not produced by a true Trekkie, if it were it would be titled “STARFLEET SEARCHES FOR RON PAUL”.

    Just saying =)


  • ACOOPER0033

    This is awesome! Great job!

  • rboggs81

    Two of my favorite things together at last, Ron Paul and Star Trek, yes!

  • XSilvenX

    Hahahah love this.

  • ToxinalX

    This would be an AWESOME ad if it were to be aired !

  • BorgKing001

    awesome two of my favorite things combined

  • zanewalter

    This fits so perfect. I love it.

  • mybabysgotthebends

    OMG, Rand sounds so much like his father, especially the way he says “mojo” it’s literally like listening to a young Ron Paul haha!

  • ArmednSafe

    Sooooo dorky. But I love it.

  • cucucachu0000

    pretty cool

  • Spindles15

    Go Ron Pardec…I mean Paul!

  • bestadamire

    HAHAHAA Rand comes outta nowhere.

  • YesWeCantaloupe

    I’m not going to turn this into a TV ad. Many people have suggested it, but the Paul campaign would reject it. You can’t just grab copyrighted material and use it to promote a political candidate. This was just a fun little edit for the internet.

  • HalfBornUnicornFetus

    LOL at Obamas cameo at 1:24

  • palvarez101111


    Ron Paul is the “enhanced far left figure.”

  • gotmildew

    The Starship Enterprise hit the debt ceiling. They did have their shields up but eventually had to take the plasma engines offline for a short time for repairs.

  • ZoneTelevision

    Excellent !!!


    Can you do that again 🙂 but with Star Wars 🙂 !!!

    Hmm, I wonder who will play Darth Vader, what do you think ?

  • WhimsicalQuandary

    A future in which there is no money and a one world government is totally libertarian.

  • DanielSeriously

    the best!:D