STAR TREK: The Search for Ron Paul

  • This was awesome lol

  • This was awesome lol

  • Words fail to express the sheer awesomness of this clip.


    halt the borg insurgency, fuck assimilation


  • SWEET! Nice job.

  • ;3 so did we (my husband & I). LOL.

  • ;3 so did we (my husband & I). LOL.

  • 17 Cling on’s around youranus dont like Ron Paul


  • CongressmanCYD

    17 people voted for Rick Perry

  • You see vids of Ron Paul back in the 80s and you can see how much Rand Paullooks like his father

  • powerleg

    Is it bad I knew exactly what episode this clip was taken from?

  • metahelix

    I started busting up laughing when i seen this. Awesome

  • Funny, have both Paul’s seen this?

  • talltom1973

    Funny, have both Paul’s seen this?


  • TheTruthNothinMore


  • doogleandalix

    Please register online today as a REPUB if you want to vote Ron Paul . Many of his supporters cross party lines and may de shocked to discover they cant vote for him in the critical primary election if they are a DEM in a closed primary state . Dont take a chance because his nomination is too important – change that affiliation to REPUb today . You can change it back later after he wins the nomination if you wish . Pass it on –

  • Breedsofcats

    I Love Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • McDicker96

    The federation is communist or zeitgeist or w/e, they have banned all money and trade and went to the “resource based economy” model. As a result they got magic technology like space travel, virtual reality rooms, and little boxes you can talk into in order to communicate with other people.