Ron Paul: #1 with the Troops

Ron Paul receives the largest amount of donations from active duty military.


  • shawondemand

    Like and favorite every single Ron Paul video that you watch.

    Hopefully the uploader realizes that leaving an annotation reminding us will really help the cause.

  • freedomfighter790

    this should tell the neocons something. RP2012

  • HamalSharatan

    I am glad to hear this. I must ask, how many people in the US watch RT?

  • bombria


  • SuperAlwaysWrong

    Ron Paul is a political Chuck Norris.

  • nismobeach

    Good job calling out the cock blocking MSM. IMO our best bet is to expose this crap to anyone and everyone in the hope that they’ll wakeup to how antidemocratic our political system really is.

    We may or may not get RP into the White House, but we can at least build a strong foundation of liberty post-collapse.

  • AlexTronic777

    Obombya – King of the Endpire

  • Mas0o0n

    Ron Paul has a huge following. i hope he wins.

  • singledad1234

    read the book

    marketing evil

  • bloodstone1445

    Ron Paul gets no air time.
    The media is corrupt.
    See my wallpaper.

  • riahasays

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • csezcatalyst

    Yes, he’s their choice, he’s our choice too… but will this achieve him the seat on the presidency when we have major cockblockers like MSNBC, FOX NEWS and other MSM outlets that won’t even put his name on the polls? and as if that wasn’t enough, when they DO put him there, they lie. Ron Paul will need more than just heads and tails to win. And with that said… Ron Paul for 2012 bitches!

  • MrCriminalwatch

    Good sign when the troops want their Country back !

  • CyberDruidtheModGod
  • Way2Kool7Deuce

    Obi-Ron-Kenobi you’re our only hope! He reminds me of my grandpa but way smarter he’s got my vote:) Ron Paul 2012

  • Chroma2021

    Ron Paul has my vote. 😀

  • djphilmore

    i hate how the rich beer belly boys get to make a mistake and put there thumb in there mouth like a baby and say “Oopsth whado we doe now?” and we have to pay for it. rootin for you Ron Paul FIRST TIME VOTER TOO!!!! fuck yah. can’t wait. time for a real change!

  • peterscottfrost

    That’s pretty interesting. It helps to emphasize the fact that, while Mitt Romney gets a large portion of his donations in the form of maximum contributions from rich fat cats, some of whom probably benefitted directly from the various bailouts, Ron Paul gets his money from average people — the people suffering from the consequences of the bailouts. Ron Paul’s people are hurting right now, but they give as much as they can afford to, anyway.

    Go Ron Paul!

  • dboy11368

    this went EXACTLY as i thought it would. it makes sense because you’re most likely to get your money back if you give to ron paul.

  • H1N1Conspiracynews

    Nobama 2012.