Ron Paul: #1 with the Troops

Ron Paul receives the largest amount of donations from active duty military.


  • chopin999

    i hate politics and governments but i cant stop listening to him, mr paul just speaks truth

  • villalba874

    Support our Troops
    Vote for Ron Paul

  • x6mj

    I strongly believe in man’s influence on the climate, and am pro green and renewable resources. If any thing we need to conserve all resources for the future. Why do so many preach about entitlements, then claim they r entitled to use up as much oil as they can? I am pro Ron Paul, and believe that the end of corporatism, and a true american economy. We can fight pollution with consumer demand, and personal responsibility. Just think where BP or exxon would be, if they were truly held responsible

  • Olamtir

    As a child, Ron Paul did not collect baseball cards. He collected Amendments.

  • ghostKurt

    it’s simple: Unplug from the Matrix and vote Ron Paul 2012!

  • ThaRolk
  • colerag

    I’m active duty. Everyone is tired. There aren’t enough people here at home to do our jobs because we are doing the work for other countries abroad.

    This should be a figure that is more publicized. The people who care for America so much that they put their lives on the line for her and putting their money behind Ron Paul.

  • rgs11

    support the troops! VOTE RON PAUL!

  • russsssman

    Ron Paul is the real ‘Change’ that has been mis-sold to us in the past. Wake up America and forget about the drama reality shows we are hooked on.

  • lomocan

    Thanks for standing up for freedom, Adam, & for standing up for the ONLY candidate who has been for many many years speaking about the REAL issues America is facing.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Pr4dat0r

    shiattt, ron paul outstripped everyone

  • BadVoodo0

    RT we love you

  • aristoteles311

    if RP doesn’t win people should organize a militay coup and overthrow these frauds by force. I say we round them up and throw them in Gitmo. Where they can live until we can get enough information out of them to bring them to trial. We could use enhanced interrogation techniques. As long as the soldiers in the military support him thats where power comes from.RP 2012

  • AsianAsianAsianAsian

    RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!
    17 / canada

  • PHILLYB121

    I agree with everything RON PAUL says 100%. AIRBORNE, ALL THE WAY, LET’S GO!

  • jonjuan27

    I’m a US navy veteran. I support ron paul 100%. I gave him $20.12. He is the first politician I have given money to ever.

  • RobTzu

    I am in the US army reserves, and served in Kuwait in 2003. I support Ron Paul 100%.

  • Jeffersonwazright

    Wow…those numbers are pretty demonstrative. I hope Ron Paul wins it….don’t think they will let him though.

  • Garlannd

    I wish I was a rich man. I’d invest heavily in making sure he wins. I honestly view him as our last chance. If he fails I’m going to start country shopping.

  • jdonald05

    interpretaion of the constitution. I encourage you to read the book The Peoples Guide to the United States Constitution by Dave Kluge. It is a very fast read and it frames out the the ideas and events leading up to the revolutionary war and the creation of the constitution. only if we understand the circumstances of the time can we know the real intent of the constitution.