Ron Paul to Congress: Stop Stealing from the American People

by Ron Paul

Imagine you had a pesky neighbor who somehow took out a mortgage on his house in your name and by some legal trickery you were obligated to pay for it. Imagine watching this neighbor throw drunken parties, buy expensive cars, add more rooms to the house, and hire dozens of people to wait on him hand and foot. Imagine that he also managed to take out several credit cards in your name. One by one, he would max them out and then use your good name and credit to obtain another credit card, then another and then another. Each time, this neighbor would claim that he needed the new credit card to pay interest on the other maxed out credit cards. If he defaulted on those cards, your credit score would be hurt and when you wanted to buy something for yourself, it would be more difficult to get a loan and the interest you paid would be higher. Imagine that you mulled this over, and time after time, said nothing as he filled out more credit applications so he would not have to default on the other debt taken out in your name. Meanwhile, another shiny new Mercedes appears in his driveway. At what point do you think you might get tired of this game? And, even though you are left with no really good options, do you think you might eventually tell him to go ahead and default, just stop spending your money!

This analogy demonstrates the position we are in with our government and the debt ceiling. The government has run up a huge debt in the name of the American people, who are sick and tired of being on the hook for it. There are no really good options left. Defaulting on a portion of the debt may not be without costs, but it is better than handing the government yet another credit card.

The government is using the usual scare tactics to strong-arm the people into going along with more spending. Remember the rhetoric surrounding the big bailout of October 2008? We were told, not that this would be calamitous for the banks, but for the people, who would continue to experience massive job losses and foreclosures. We were told that the economy would sink into a deep recession if this money was not handed out to too-big-to-fail corporate cronies. So, after much hand-wringing, leaders from both parties, against unprecedented public outcry, agreed to shower money on the banks and increase the debt. The banks learned nothing, except that Washington will come to their rescue, no matter what. The people, however, continued to lose their jobs and houses anyway, and here we are, still in a deep recession.

When you read the above example, your first reaction might have been to dismiss the neighbor’s debt as illegitimate and in no way your responsibility or your problem. You would be right. No fair-minded legal system would hold you responsible for such a debt, and would instead cart your thieving neighbor off to jail. Yet Congress can impose liabilities on you, your children, and grandchildren without your consent, and even without your knowledge. This is another example of government holding itself above the law. Much like the TSA claims the right to molest us, yet arrested a woman who turned the tables last week, stealing somehow becomes legitimate when the government does it.

We supposedly live in a nation of laws. For once, government needs to heed the law regarding the debt ceiling.


  • campaign4liberty

    Down with NWO tyranny!
    news LibertyPoet(dot)com

  • Douglas

    The truth is that I have found myself into a situation of true supply and demand confrontation. What is unique about this situation is that it involves the uncontrollable effects of Nature.
    However, it is simple to see that a system of monetary policy can evolve naturally and be more resistant to ecological and biological changes. There is no ‘Scientific’ or ‘Philosophical’ reason that our current civilization should be made so vulnerable.
    Politically it is easy to see how this could happen through unconstitutional monetary policy. The un-natural expansion of any economy results in a rollercoaster of inflation and deflation. Please hear me now the Founding Fathers of the US foresaw this and they took well into consideration the Philosophy of the Upstate New York Iroquois Federation. The Iroquois taught them much about the fact that we are all God’s Children and that the different tribes comprising Humanity can live together in perfect harmony. This Thanksgiving please let US be especially thankful for our American Indian ‘Iroquois Federation’ Brothers and Sisters who saved and nurtured the true seed of Freedom.

    • Douglas

      The people citizens to the US need to understand the securities that haves been signed into LAW. These securities are the claims made by the independent corporation called the Federal Reserve. Their security claim is upon all the Gold in Fort Knox and all the US established National Parks. This is what they have secured for themselves beyond proper Congressional Representation. JFK was trying to tell US this then he got his head blown off! You want and need freedom but these arrogant International Money Changers want nothing more than to treat you like a despicable animal.

  • MastaGT

    Obama disliked this video.

    • and that is because his job is in the line. He won’t be able to suck up to those “too big to fail”.

      RON PAUL 2012

  • DuvallSilver

    i wish they woulda given me a bailout.. $17,500 sounds nice..

  • CriticalTh1nker

    Imagine that you elect reps that are supposedly accountable to you and whose salary you pay…Who then not only steal from you to live the high life while being treated as royalty, but then,

    1. Dictates and legislates what you can and cannot do.
    2. Dictates or attempts to dictate what other nations can and cannot do; creating enemies; putting you at risk and ruining your reputation
    3. What you can and cannot do with your body.
    4. What you can and cannot legally put into that body.
    5. etc etc

    • Thumbs up to ya,

      In the old days, people would keep a close eyes and place government worker in check but now days it is the other way around.

      In the old days, people in the private sect would make more money than the government sect but now it’s the other way around.

      Ron Paul 2012

  • uturniaphobic

    actually I think in a round-about way we do consent to be taxed and take on their debt when we get a social security number. or even the birth certificate might imply consent. which is sickening to think about.

  • ringlerum

    It’s simple. You kill the neighbor and it all stops. You do it so there is no evidence at all.

  • alexn159

    ron paul serves DC everyday in a different way

    it is truly remarkable

  • mickserv

    wtf is that a computer voice? Sounds like RP being held at gunpoint and told to read. Maybe he’s sick? Getting poisoned? This guy must be a huge target considering his opinions and power.

  • BDM1324

    Ron Paul 2012, the last honest politician standing.

  • O_No

    The fall of America is upon us…default on these loans and start over. If you have no type of profit coming in and you spend more then you make, you will never get out of debt. Thats a pretty easy concept. Government is not suppose to be a profit organization. We are going to see an epic crash in our country…My elementary teaches said that America would fall one day because every great empire does…I just didnt think it would be in my life time. Wait till the student loan bubble bursts. With federal aide to student loans if the defaults happen tax payers are going to have to pay that back.

    • Damury

      When your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall.

      • Citizen


        Its called New Math,

        Adding negatives makes them positive?

    • Citizen

      Technically Speaking::

      Loans are paid with Future Profits…
      additional revenues above costs, aka “surplus”
      Sorry Charlie… there is no “surplus”…. just DEBT as far as the eye can see!

      King Obumma thinks that the damn Capitalists are holding out and wants some more revenues… taxes.

      Alas, the golden goose is all but tapped out of any extra golden eggs…
      Indeed even the bare minimum plastic eggs are hard to come by.

      But King Obumma “knows” those Capitalists are lying, as they always do,
      and he is intent on strangling the goose to extract those last few eggs.

      So stand aside you realists….
      Fairy Tales are the New Order, Money is Magic and Lies are new Truth…

      Hail O King Obumma

  • Audie C Gates

    Great analogy. If the reader or listener misses the truth of this message, they need to go back to 1st grade and start over.

  • EclecticFortune

    Ron Paul is one of the few politicians with a sound mind. He will get both my wife and my vote. I simply can not believe Obama has any supporters at all.

  • PeoplePower

    Simple answer is to get rid of money, what good is it anyway ?

    • Citizen

      People Power,

      Yea… great idea, lets use fingernail clippings, ya, that’ll be great!

  • Bruce B

    I want Obamao out of office more than any previous potus. I want Ron Paul in more than any previous or present candidate. I will do everything I can to help make that happen. If I knew giving my life would help I would do it.

  • chzlovesmal

    Ron Paul VS The fall of the republic

  • chzlovesmal

    Ron Paul VS The fall of the republic

  • ThaRolk

    Ron Paul 2012, nuff said.

  • I think Congressman Paul signing the Waste Elimination document advocating for Lean Process Improvement in Government is great news and one that I hope the US Government will listen to and do.

  • conraddoavil

    the dude fuckin’ abides
    what a boss!
    RON PAUL 2012!!!