Ron Paul’s Debt Solution: Bring the Troops Home, Fire Useless Bureaucrats, Phase Out Entitlements


Judge Napolitano: While Republicans in the House and Senate go back and forth over whether they will support Speaker Boehner’s plan to raise the debt ceiling, there’s one member of the House of Representatives who could not be clearer on the subject: no increase in the debt ceiling, no way, no how. Here to explain is Texas Republican Congressman and presidential candidate, Ron Paul. Congressman Ron Paul, as always it’s a pleasure, welcome back to Freedom Watch.

Ron Paul: Thank you, Judge, good to be with you.

Judge Napolitano: What are the chances that the sound-money, small-government attitude (that you represent so well, that so many millions of Americans send people to the House of Representatives to put into effect) will prevail, and the debt ceiling will not go up? Or, is it a hopeless case, is it going to go up no matter what the logical arguments against it may be?

Ron Paul: I think it’s going to go up because everybody will be scared into it. I think all the talk here in these last several days is mostly politics and it’s sort of like the CR Resolution being passed at the last minute. So it’s who’s going to get blamed and when, and who’s going to get the credit. But I think it will go up, I don’t think in the long term it makes a whole lot of difference because the country has to default because we can’t pay this debt; it’s just a matter of how we pay it. I think this is political grandstanding, but I think at the last minute the debt level will be increased.

Judge Napolitano: Give us the argument in a nutshell about why you, Ron Paul, and many other Tea Party endorsed and small-government colleagues of yours oppose any increase in the debt ceiling, no matter what promises accompany those increases?

Ron Paul: Well, mine will be a little bit different than others, but basically I think many would agree that we have to stop the spending. If we don’t increase the level, then we have to get our house in order. For me it’s a little bit different, because I think the default is coming and I’m looking at how you default. Governments in countries that get this far in debt, never pay their bills, and you can default by not sending the checks out, and that’s what they’re afraid they’ll have to pursue if they don’t get a debt level increase. That’s why I say they will, because all countries keep sending the check out. The real default and the real danger, if we continue to do this, is the default through the devaluation of the currency, and that’s translated into paying for it through higher prices. I think that’s going to be chaotic because we just can’t keep up. I think it will force us to have a change in foreign policy and spending policies here at home. But I think you have to go through a rough time in order to get the people convinced. Some of the kind of things you’re seeing in Greece right now, I’m afraid we’ll have to face up to this. But the default is going to come, but I do believe very sincerely they’re not going to opt for defaulting by not sending the checks out and paying the interest on the debt. That’s not going to happen, I’m very certain that there will be no default on our debt and financing our debt.

Judge Napolitano: Isn’t this a golden opportunity, rare in American political history, to shrink the government back into the confines of the Constitution, to force it to live within its means, and isn’t this an easy thing to do? The Republicans run the House, all they have to do is say, “No” and the argument is over, the borrowing is over, the government starts obeying the laws of economics and the Constitution for the first time in over a hundred years.

Ron Paul: It would be nice to think that, but politics works differently and, you know, when there is any life left into the entitlement system, it’s going to stay alive and it gets louder and angrier and you know there are maybe more people getting checks than those people are producing. So those of us who would like to stop don’t have quite as many allies. So I think it’s going to get a lot worse before they wake up. They’re not functioning very well, and people are realizing how bad it is. But I don’t think we’re going to clean up our act until government no longer functions, and then we’ll have to say what kind of a monetary system do we want, what kind of a foreign policy do we have to have, and what kind of a Department of Homeland Security do we want. But that’s not on the verge of happening and hopefully will come soon, but I believe it will come within the next year or two and we’ll be forced into doing it, which you wished by common sense that we would do it right now. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you they’re going to do it.

Judge Napolitano: Before I let you go, we have about a half a minute left. You’re not only a member of Congress, you’re also running for the Republican presidential nomination. When you make the arguments to the voters in Iowa or New Hampshire or wherever else you’ve being going, like you just made to our viewers, how do they respond to this?

Ron Paul: Very favorably, and more so than before. I always thought, “Well, my supporters come out”. But now the crowds are larger and they’re looking different, so this message is being listened to, but out of necessity if nothing else. So yes, there’s a bigger audience and we have to keep working on it because we can win this, we must win it, because we’re not going to have much left if we don’t win.

Judge Napolitano: Congressman Ron Paul, thanks very much for joining us.

Ron Paul: Thank you, Judge.

  • atomlinking

    The tag line for this video, “Ron Paul’s Debt Solution: Bring the Troops Home, Fire Useless Bureaucrats, Phase Out Entitlements”, is misleading and harmful. Read my multiple comments to get my full opinion (it won’t all fit in the same comment):
    1.) Yes, RP believes that we should bring the troops home, but he has clearly stated that, aside from ending the ongoing wars immediately, he would gradually and carefully withdraw from the countries where we have military bases….


  • DemianHermann

    If you are a truth seeker, search “Truth Contest” in Google and click on the 1st result, then open The Present and read what it says. Everyone needs to see this. The Present will turn this world right-side up if it reaches enough people.

  • turpincody

    if Ron cut every mans pay in the gov i would vote for him but next year they well all get bigger checks. To me its not about the money, we need a good leader with very strong will and no fear to stand up for all the rights of the free men and women of this great usa not the whole world but that just what i feel.

  • agnoses

    Kill the Banksters bid for the White House> Buddy Roemer is currently President and CEO of Business First Bank in Baton Rouge. he supported McCain and has flip-flopped parties. Vote for a REAL MAN OF ETHICS – RON PAUL 2012

  • paulksycki

    Ron Paul 2012….do a youtube search on those issues. Ron Paul has been talking about these issues for almost a decade or more. And his side and reasoning for issues has held strong through.

  • 3dartistguy

    Yes, you don’t pay IF you’re in a comabt zone, but you do if you’re stationed in the US as most servicemembers are, and the military has been downsizing now kicking good people out of the military for the least little reasons…When I was in the US, i paid taxes and I made less than 40k and had no kids and could barely afford my own apartment..We got nice raise under Bush and a very little one when the current president came in, the lowest raise since 1962, a measely one percent raise.

  • VotePaineJefferson

    woot, awesome headline!!

  • m00se321

    Ha,ha,ha thats, what Obama Said give me your Vote And ‘ll bring the Troops Home!!!!

  • ttgator2003

    Get registered Republican so he can carry the Republican ticket. If you arent registered Republican you cant vote for him in the primary.

  • ttgator2003
  • Please just listen to the man. He makes so much sense its scary. It won’t be easy but it can be done. Go Ron you have my vote.

  • ademar9988


  • MrSafetymeeting

    Tell everyone you know about Ron Paul. They aren’t going to learn nearly enough on tv. I know that nobody wants to talk politics because it leads to arguements but if we can’t maturely discuss politics, how can our political system work? I think politicians created that idea where we aren’t supposed to discuss politics or religion. That must make their lives so much easier.

  • MoonPisces029

    I wish he wins, he’ll be the best thing to happen to this country

  • jbb

    Jackson Browne has been singing about this problem for ever…”Lives in the Balance” “Information Wars”
    Ron Paul stands firm on his constitutional beliefs. I was not a registered Republican until he came along. As a country we have to forget that the big daddy or god as we understand him is going to come along and save us. That was how we got sideswiped after Clinton and the Bush. The media mind control had us believe that Bush became our “Family Man” and Obama our “Baby Genius.”
    We have completely forgotten Common Sense.
    “They sell us the president the same way they sell us our clothes and our cars.”
    Our country has become so dumbed down and fragmented that I am afraid that the people may start to do the crazy thing! When the s hits the fan we will not be able to organize the way of the people in Spain or Greece.
    I believe that even most of the congress and senate have been dumbed down. I think they actually believe that what they are doing is fair and just. Others are banking on a Grander Scheme. Lord knows what that may be.? Ron Paul is one Soul Voice. The movie Freedom to Fascism needs to be redistributed ASAP. RP explains how much money is going to the Perpetual Wars for Perpetual Peace. He explains how other money is spent. I am sorry to put this on a Republican Candidate Website. My Republican friends are the most dumbed down of all! The first thing they spew out of their mouth is get rid of Entitlements! When it should be “Bring the Troups Home!” Do they really think that Entitlements cost our country more than wars? They must grow up and do there homework!

  • danz177

    What is it costing the US Government to spray the skies all over the world with Chemicals? They’re tampering with our planet and doing inhuman things. It is time for Ron Paul to bring back the constitution and save, not just America, but the entire planet and like it should have when it was created expand the Republic Globally and protect the rights of individuals all over the world, putting a cap on democracy and growing the Republic.

  • USFullOfLies

    Pentagon Deploying More 20,000 Troops In U.S. To Prepare For Economic Collapse Civil Unrest
    youtube. com/watch?v=lXHmBYkNHQg

  • 3dartistguy

    this former servicemember who just returned from overseas duty doesn’t get a refund, and I paid taxes into the system I never said keep up all these wars just to prop up the economy, however, don’t downsize either because all those people in the military ARE paying taxes into the system and they support the local economy. As it is right now they are throwing good people out left and right because of the downsizing by this adminstration and the local economies are suffering as a result.

  • CapnSchep

    It just don’ tadd up! All these trillions, well, how about all the secret black budgets of the shadow government, I just had 6 unmarked black helicopters fly right over my house, yep, The NWO and all the greedy evil elitist LIARS!! Ron Paul won’t come right out and say it…….But he’s onto these fucken cretans and trust me, they are scared shitless of Ron Paul cause they know if more and more people find the truth THEY ARE FINISHED………GAME OVER BITCHES.Ron Paul 2012 r3VOLution Baby!!

  • CapnSchep

    Don’t be afraid ppl, Ron Paul is not going too take anyone’s entitlements away, listen to him!! We’ll have plenty left for everyone who absolutely needs it. But this mind set, that your entitled to anything if your not willing to contribute is a mind set that must be changed. Yeah I know, there’s no jobs, So let’s cut out all these trillions of totally unnecessary bullshit government programs so we can get the economy going to get people working so they can earn and live withinthere means