Ron Paul Highlights – GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa

  • bishopw55

    If Ron Paul doesnt get the Republican card he better run INDEPENDENT! Like he should have last election.


  • zoomee65

    Santorum is a complete AssHat……Ron Paul spoke for the American citizen

  • savgal1211


  • ColonizingTheSun
  • MysteryManagement

    Ron Paul for president 2012

  • Ghostwolf30

    Notice of course how Fox News tries to sideline Dr. Paul, and tout Romney. Then they try to trip him up with the questions. But they failed. I especially loved how he spanked Santorum, as well as his response about Perry. Oh, and To all of my fellow servicemembers and veterans out there… Ron Paul is the man you want as your Commander-In-Chief, trust me! He’s the only veteran running. None of these other clowns give a damn and like Bush and Obama, just send us off to die for bullshit.

  • ghostKurt

    I like how when Santorum said that Iran was responsible for more American deaths than anyone else, only two or three rednecks yelled “OHH YEAHH!!”

  • davitodude

    Ron Paul isn’t as sharp as he was 4 years ago. I still like the guy but his age is starting to show.

  • oldspeedsi

    Out of the park on the Iran question.. Epic win he is the only one who has served in the military. lol The truth shall set you free.

  • Hawkallica

    What does Dr Paul say at 5:30?

  • ghostKurt

    Congratulations Dr. Paul, you did great! good luck on Saturday! –Kurt, from Canada.

  • NuclearHoaxFuel


  • alechild1

    Rick Santorum is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

  • knockzworld

    Ron Paul For President 2012!!! This man is our last chance for this country..

  • tripit88

    Again the media wants Dr. Paul to look bad, and the looks on thier faces just piss me off.

  • noirsociety

    why is santorum interrupting President Paul from speaking the truth…. learn your history and constitution before you speak lies and propaganda santorum, romney, bachman, and the rest of the gang.

  • worldinformant

    lol this is awesome


    HOLY SHIT!!! DO YOU REALLY THINK THE PIGS & MSM ARE GONNA LET SOMEONE LIKE RON PAUL WIN??? I REALLY HOPE HE DOES BECOME OUR NEXT PRESIDENT BUT IT’S HIGHLY UNLIKELY. they’ll rig the damn elections or worse. will we even have a country between now & Nov 2012?

  • bmotx

    Ron Paul, the American Statesmen, Historian and Patriot.

  • godsLOL

    What a statesman! He is the keeper of clear, straightforward, intelligent thought that leads to correct action.