Ron Paul Highlights – GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa

  • mackdoo814

    Obama = Bush.

    Ron Paul = Freedom.


  • egga31

    Mainstream media refuses to admit that RON PAUL is a major frontrunner in the 2012 presidential race
    They never mention him and try to ignore his campaign and his message.

    On August 20th, 2011 post Ron Paul videos, articles, pictures, links and just about anything else on Facebook,twitter, and all social networking sites inorder to wake people up!




  • TheCopskillpeople

    music to my ears!!!!! Go Ron

  • shearstrain

    I can only hope that someday my children will be able to read about this great man in their history books. I hope they know that in the sea of corruption and lies that flowed from the halls of Washington and inundated our proud nation there were those brave few who held the torch of liberty over the waters and themselves, that it’s flame might continue to burn in the hearts and minds of their posterity. And I will tell them with a humble heart that I too answered the call of revolution.

  • Godwad

    Santorum is a fucking mess. After 10 years woth of wars that didn’t accomplish shit and that asshole can’t wait for another.

  • burlyrdc

    Ron Paul is an authentic American patriot. And as an economics major, I thouroghly appreciate having a candidate who actually understands what is going on and has the balls to stand up and say something about it. You have my vote.

  • BrokenSentence

    lol nawh it was too much legitimate information for a guy like romney to take in. I’ve seen some tuber posting b4 that the only thing Romney would be good for is playing the devil in a Tv or movie script.

  • jaster030

    How have so many people already forgotten about the “change” Obama was supposed to bring? It looks like everyone is getting their hopes up for another politician (Ron Paul) to do the same thing. Don’t get your hopes up again guys, you can’t have forgotten already about these promises for change…

  • bes03c

    My favorite part is at 7:05. You get to see Romney just staring at Ron Paul. Maybe he was actually learning something!

  • lmacorp

    Oh, damn, douchebag Ron Paul didnt win the Straw Poll. Now, will someone get him some teeth?

    • CBuckner

      IT WON”T WORK THIS TIME peon, go mow a field! PRESIDENT RON PAUL 2012!

  • FreedomsReigning

    He’s the only one on the stage that represents us. That he’s still alive casts a shadow over even him.

    Perhaps he’s served as comic relief until now, and suddenly they’re realizing it’s too late, and there are a thousand people ready to take up his standard.

  • BrokenSentence
  • jdsalinger89

    My favorite part is when he calls Gingrich “mainstream.”

  • mjr33mjr

    Ron Paul schooled Santorum, who should read a history book.

  • MultiSINGH12345

    ron paul the real man others are comedians

  • capleton48

    Unfuckinbelievable Ron Paul 2012

  • MultiSINGH12345
  • MultiSINGH12345

    american people are dumb uneducated why?Becoz honest people like Ron paul don’t win in America.American people love slavery

  • MultiSINGH12345

    Ron paul =George WASHINTON

  • MultiSINGH12345

    last hope of america ron paul long live revolution down with imperialism ron paul 2012