Ron Paul Highlights – GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa

  • chupedecamarones

    I need see the hall debate, Fox does not like Ron Paul at all according to this editing video. I like Ron Paul, but Presidents do not get elected by their intellect anymore.

  • istofal

    Don’t be fooled by the fake, Ron is the real deal

  • istofal

    Don’t be fooled by the fake, Ron is the real deal

  • taostoner1

    Hes wrong, this financial bubble was the result of deregulation primarily. Is it so hard to see that the removal of legislation put in place to prevent another depression caused another one? The only difference between now and then is the response of the Federal Reserve and the Increase in government spending, which prevented the inevitable economy crushing deflation.


  • IIDivineShadowII

    People need to stop acting like every single Jew is responsible. It is very simple but for some reason everyone online likes to demonize the entire Jewish religion, when it is a very small minority controlling things.

  • ImNotVoting4RonPaul

    ron paul lost, so maybe you fags can stop sucking on pauls dick.

  • KingToads

    Who the hell is Santorum and why is he trying to diss Ron Paul?? Santorum is just making himself look like an idiot


      Luckily for Santorum he’s doing what comes naturally-proving himself an insufferable idiot.

  • st1ckycheese

    Ron Paul, 2012! Fuck all of the other lying, unprincipled, Jew funded candidates who vacation in Israel.


    This needs more views. Send it around. 🙂

  • st1ckycheese

    Time to elect Ron Paul so that we can finally stop fighting wars for the Jews and Israel.

  • gatersaw

    Find your county’s RON PAUL SIGN BOMB on FACEBOOK NOW! 10-10-11 from 4:30-6:30pm

  • RebelScientist

    This guy makes so much sense…. ? i am not use to hearing this in Politics!?!?

  • mackdoo814


    You can say byebye Constitution and Bill of Rights if you don’t vote for him. DO YOU LIKE BEING FREE?? Do you know how awesome your Constitution and rights are? You are so damn close to being a f***ing slave. Your Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves! This is what they warned us about when they established the Government.

    Stand up and pass the word about Ron Paul. Freedom and Peace is more popular then War and Slavery!

  • spaghettimonster254

    Wow…. just wow…. I’m a 15 year old living in Minnesota and when I first heard about Ron Paul I was hesitant to show my support. Now I know that he is an intelligent and honest man who knows how to make the people happy. Any politician who is honest to his people deserves a vote. That’s my opinion.

  • 50states1

    so i guess its gonna be ron paul vs obama in the 2012 election

  • rogerdude111

    thats the guy we need!Vote RON PAUL!!

  • skier137

    Does anyone know what the guy yelled at 9:07? Also, FUCK SANTORUM!!!

  • gasung617

    Fox News Poll Results

    Paul: 24579
    Gingrich: 5848
    Cain: 3159
    Bachman: 2408
    Romney: 2364
    Santorum: 1030
    Huntsmen: 419
    Pawlenty: 331

  • MisterPeetBull

    anyone who doesn’t vote for ron paul is a moron…or a sheep.

  • gasung617

    This just speaks for itself.