Ron Paul Highlights – GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa

  • SuspectD3vice

    My president

  • pouyanmoabed

    Want my Independent Obama vote, then republicans elect Ron Paul! Otherwise 4 more years.


  • boosomentity

    and we the western nations are the ones funding these terrorists, so who’s to blame. ? the causes of strife around the world are pushing the focus on the symptoms to distract us., but it’s not working any more, and this is why The Ron get’s the cheers.

  • Swmorgan77

    The caveat “that could pass through a divided Congress” rules out any possiblity of him giving the correct solution.

  • homegrownbuddy

    Santorum…anal goo lmao

  • Stevie68000

    Enemy of Greece, Europe, & America —- Jew

    1. Goldman Sachs CEO, Lyold Blankfein is Jew

    2. IMF Deputy CEO, John Lisky is Jew

    3. Ex IMF CEO, Dominic Strauss is Jew

    4. World Bank CEO, Robert Zoellick is Jew

    5. Ex World Bank CEO, James Woolfesen is Jew

    6. Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke is Jew

    7. Ex Fed Chairman, Alan Greenspan is Jew

    8. Obama Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner is Jew

    9. George Bush Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson is Jew

  • IzaFaqat

    hahahahha santorum thinks the demonym for people living in afghanistan is afghanistani … try afghan

    yet he claims to be an authority on the subject. im astounded.

  • AugustusOctavianus

    RP fucking owned these clowns

  • ThorosiousD

    Its funny. On nearly every Ron Paul video I’ve taken time to view, I seem to always be view number 304 or 305. Wow, what are the odds? The truth “must be” that there are only 305 people who are interested in listening to Ron Paul and I’m number 305 …..(Cough) I guess Ron is just not popular. Oh well, Its time to sit back, grab a cold one, and get with the winning team. Go team..BarRf. Excuse me. Vote for the Santrom neyperrybach man and everything will be great. Yay team! GooOOO republicrats!

  • bjarnet3

    Electing Ron Paul as president, will be the greatest achievement since 1776

  • canefan17

    LOL Who the hell voting him thumbs down when he talked about liquidating the debt and washing malinvestments out? LOL

    American clowns

  • whiskeyhotelpapa

    Ron Paul 2012! Love this Man! He owned it last night! Thanks for shooting straight Dr. Paul. Sick of taking the bad with the good. That’s how we got in this mess. Ignoring that there is crap in my coffee doesn’t make it taste better. It progressively taste more and more like shit!

  • JamJHolmes

    Never seen RP so fired up! He dominated the sellouts.

  • MrJohnathanDevil

    You’ve just gotta love how Fox chooses each and every time to try and ignore Ron Paul. He was applauded the most, obviously, for a reason. The public doesn’t buy the age old “say one thing and do another” attitude of the other candidates. We want someone who does what they say and has a record of doing so, not a bunch of corporate puppets who are proven liars.

  • gll006

    I love how he schooled Santorum. Even the troops know that our wars are pointless and fruitless. Who got the most military donations in 2008? Ron Paul had more than every other candidate combined.

    This year, he has more than every other candidate, including OBAMA and it’s not even close. Veterans/service men and women want Ron Paul.

  • stonecast

    Ron Paul wins just because he is Ron Paul. But I think he’s done better in the past and I felt this should’ve bee his strongest performance to push him to first place in the iowa straw poll.

  • 88Ronalds

    Iranians are existential threat to state of Israel. 9:10

  • paisley73

    Michelle B-Hawkman.

  • KyleVarner

    Santorum: The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.

  • xXTurdSandwitchXx

    Listen to the crowd they love Ron, when he doesnt win the nomination well all be reminded that our democracy is a fantasy!!!