Ron Paul Highlights – GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa

  • TriggaTap

    Ron Paul Best Man Evar


  • RyanFischer1

    Fuck Iran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chiachuck

    Are they still allowing Ron to speak at these things? I’m surprised, I figured they’d have just locked him out by now.

  • schwartsbruder

    Santorum is a warmonger working for the zionists that want control over iran!

  • TalkStraightUp

    RON PAUL, You tell the TRUTH, The WHOLE Truth and nothing BUT the TRUTH.

    You have been for decades!

    Stay the course President PAUL !!

    ~ The TRUTH will make us ALL FREE!!

  • Pur33nergy7


  • guitardds

    It’s to bad Ron Paul makes so much sense. It virtually means he has no chance.

  • newKelchJr

    Its Not A Debate!! Its A Classroom And Ron Is Educating Them All!!!!

  • boaco2010

    I want peace in this world. No more wars please. RON PAUL 2012.

  • Bashons

    Ron Paul hits people hard with the truth and dont want to face the truth, other people the righteous ones… embrace incourage and agree with ron paul

  • boaco2010

    I liked his point of view about illegals in this country. I’m voting Ron Paul. 🙂

  • mrbriscoe2001

    ron paul–the new Jimmy Carter of Foreign Policy…Heaven help us if he wins…

  • sentilopis

    Nerves seem to be getting into everybody on stage this time.

  • 94SexyStang

    Santorum is such a piece of shit.
    How DARE he attack someone older and wiser than himself.

    This guy is the plain-text definition of a “bully”!

    He’s digging his own grave every time he opens his bullshit-filled mouth.

    America is TIRED of these “egotistical badass wannabe” campaigns…..

    WAKE UP! These politicians are DRAINING our economy because they want to have a pissing contest with other nations!

    How the hell do you expect the wars to end, if you keep electing these nuts?

  • nutsandbabybutts

    The main reason I want Ron Paul to win is to piss off Sean Hannity!!! I hate him more than O’Reilly and thats A LOT of HATE trust me. And I dont really worry about O’reilly anymore because he’s gonna die of a heart attack in 2012 when Ron Paul is elected PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! RON PAUL 2012!!

  • egga31

    PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!


    Ron Paul needs to save this country

  • Deryntia

    Notice how Ron Paul is becoming systemically ignored in the media. People have to work very very hard. There are powerful and dark forces in the Republican party locking Paul out through these ridiculous censorious acts!

  • LVEbonys

    “Liberty does not come from our government…it comes from our C-R-E-A-T-O-R…”

    Go Ron.

  • istofal

    Santorum so annoying.

  • chupedecamarones

    I need see the hall debate, Fox does not like Ron Paul at all according to this editing video. I like Ron Paul, but Presidents do not get elected by their intellect anymore.