Ron Paul Highlights – GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa

  • Gsd

    Does anybody else notice the amount the crowd cheers for Ron Paul…every single time?!?


  • Patriot1

    While I don’t agree with Dr. Paul on everything, I do appreciate his honesty and consistency on the issues. I am a Constitutionalist like he is, and it’s refreshing to see someone who actually upholds his oath of office. I am conservative on most issues, but I also have a libertarian streak in me as well. I believe that the government’s role is to punish crime while leaving the law-abiding citizens alone. I really don’t think it’s the government’s job to punish sin, let the church deal with that. I believe there is a difference between sins and crimes. Crimes are something committed against another person, you have to have a perpetrator and a victim in order for there to be a crime, such as robbery, rape, assault, etc. Sins, on the other hand, are something you do to yourself, such as getting drunk or smoking weed in the privacy of your own home. You may be harming yourself by committing these sins, but you aren’t committing a crime against anyone else, therefore they should be of no concern to the government. The problem with those on the left is that they want to punish economic success by socialism and wealth redistribution, while the problem with those on the right is they want to control people’s personal lives (such as drug testing, which is an invasion of privacy) Those on the left want to bleed the taxpayers by creating a welfare state, while those on the right bleed the taxpayers by fighting these endless foreign wars. Both sides are wrong on many issues. Dr. Paul is the only one who has the wisdom to understand this, he is the only one who has true balance and sees things the way they really are. He’s got my vote!

    • Paul Pittman

      I disagree with you on some points but I gave you a thumbs up because I like the way you think and basically agree with your views. I don’t think sin is just against you, it can be against GOD and your fellow man such as a trespass. As to calling weed a sin, I would think smoking crab grass to be a sin. If you are talking cannabis then you are talking Canna Bos of Exodus 30:23 of the Torah which was falsely translated as Calamus, as a constituent of the Holy Anoiting Oil.

      I think it would be a sin to smoke Calumus, or to burn it as an essential oil as it is toxic and carcinogenic in that form. Certainly you would not want to burn it on an altar that would be used for sacrifices the are intended to be eaten. Calamus can be ingested but should never be ingested as an essential oil which is what the Holy Anoiting Oil is.

      The first thing GOD said in Genesis 1:29 to our species which he created in Genesis 1:26 :

      And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

      If GOD did not want you to be high HE would not have made marijuana (sativa or hemp) or he would have made it different. It is an herb that bears seed and those priests must have gotten high smoking the sacrifices in a confined tent. I think it is a sin to be continually intoxicated. In moderation, you get high if the amount is small which unlike tobacco benefits emphysema and asthma and brain tumors according to scientific research. Since spores are seed and mushrooms are herbs, if not poisonous, and since it doesn’t have to be green if you are not cattle (Ron Paul supporters are not sheeple) then pull out the magic…:-)

  • M45terMiNd

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who isn’t bought and paid for by israel.

    FACT: The biggest pushers for the invasion of Iraq and for the future invasion of Iran were the jews through the AIPAC.

    These politicians are all bought out by the AIPAC and that is the real reason for their hostility towards Iran.

    They are willing to sacrifice American lives to serve the interests of a foreign country. They are traitors to America who should be hung from a tree instead of running for president.

  • 2020starman

    Anybody that thinks IRAN is a threat to America wears a tin foil hat .They simply are inferior economically and cant establish and maintain an interventional missile program.Let em have their Toyota launch missiles maybe Zionists Hamas terrorists will remove the blockades in the Gaza strip and people will break down the barriers .USA politics stop the childish bs you started in IRAN IN 1953=BLOW BACK !! Isreal stand own your own !!

  • MAM1000W

    This Rick Santorum bought the book “Propaganda for Dummies”… What an idiot: He obviously only appeals to the idiot gullible voters…

  • MAM1000W

    The states needs free immigration, 95% of the people in America are there because of free immigration. Whether it be 1st generation or descendants. Its a nation of immigrants. The only “natives” were perhaps the Red Indians, which the immigrants (cowboys) went on a genocidal rampage against. How can you now 100years later decide that enough people have come in…

  • TalkOfTheInternet

    Rob Paul is the only american politician I respect.

  • rubbersole79

    If Ron Paul is elected President in 2012, the dollar will survive and flourish.
    If not, we’ll all be spending “Amero’s” by 2016…..

  • SlyBeGone

    Vote for Uncle Ron, the only real choice.

  • FrancisJoa

    I like his point of vieuw in the foreign policy but to liberate everything especially the economy will lead in what we have today : CHAOS. You have to get control over these traders who bring the planet in these circumstances. The rest would be an improvement for planet earth.

  • pianowitz

    What did that that guy yell out when Santorum was talking?

  • dutchmcgee101

    When Ron Paul told the dude excuse me, i laughed so hard. RON PAUL 2012. WOOOYEAH!!!

  • ClaireLe

    Damn, Ron Paul the man! Everyone got served by him.

  • gmdtvh

    USA cannot fix the whole World. You will bankrupt trying.

  • SpraxIAKS

    Rick Santorium is possibly the biggest tool on the stage. He is steadily proving it and anybody that votes for him is only going to get more of the same shit this country doesn’t need.

  • Kawabunga03

    I voted for Mr. Ron Paul back in 2008 but i knew he wasn’t going to win but i believe in him so much that i still voted for him because i knew in 2012 was near.


  • gmdtvh

    The terrorist regime of Iran needs the aggressive policy from USA! That’s how they justify their regime! As long as there are economic sanctions and as long USA threatens Iran with war the democratic forces in Iran will be suppressed. They have a strong democratic movement do not forget that! Ron Paul is the worst option for the regime of Iran and all terrorists around the globe! We may witness that they will do everything they can to stop him!

  • NobueItoh

    i dislike the teleprompter…

  • MaSuAnime

    Ron Paul is truly the man! No flip flopping, fully honest, and a true patriot! I love Dr. Paul and will vote for him.

  • cummings4409

    it’s like being spanked by your daddy 🙂