Who Won the GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa?

In case you missed Thursday’s GOP Debate in Ames, Iowa, you can watch the full debate (1:49:56) or just the Ron Paul highlights (19:23 min).

Who won the debate?

  • Ron Paul (93%, 10,553 Votes)
  • Newt Gingrich (2%, 275 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (2%, 186 Votes)
  • Michele Bachmann (1%, 154 Votes)
  • Herman Cain (1%, 105 Votes)
  • Jon Huntsman (0%, 45 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (0%, 40 Votes)
  • Tim Pawlenty (0%, 27 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,385

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  • Tom Weiss

    Ron, I think you won – at least to the degree they permitted you to participate. I was in the tank for you before the debate though – your voting record screams pretty loudly.

    The questions were, for the most part, horrible ones and for the most part irrelevant to what America is facing.

    I loved your answers to the Federal Reserve questions – Audit it with an eye towards ending it – and allow currency competition against the FRN. That is going to resonate strongly with the people as we approach the time when the definition of “Millionaire” is “Someone who can buy a loaf of bread – ONCE.”

    Your answer to that “gotcha question” about allowing Iran to develop nukes was also great. America definitely needs to adopt a MYOB attitude. Seriously if any 3rd world country wants a nuke, I’m sure they can get one through the Russian Mafia. Heck, biological pathogens are a lot deadlier than any nuke and are cheap and easy to make if you are not worried about containment. Are we supposed to invade any country having a Petri dish?

    Although my personal definition of marriage is the union of a man and a woman, I loved your answer “Why have a marriage license? You cut that one right down to the nub. Government has no business interfering in marriage – I mean, what are they doing – stretching the definition of Interstate Commerce beyond all reason as usual? Perhaps they are abusing that other mainstay, the General Welfare clause. Beautiful answer Ron – it really is the province of the States.

    I noticed they avoided asking you any questions about your voting record…


  • Matthew Gardner

    Dr. Paul,

    I believe one hundred percent in what you stand for and what you believe in. I also believe that the majority of Americans today understand the urgency in the times that we live to deal with the problems that we face. That being said I don’t believe that you were allowed to make your message clear. I think that an outsider, not acquainted to politics, would believe that you were on the fringe of conservative beliefs; However, I know that is by design. Even though Fox News portrays themselves as a conservative outlet, anyone with a brain to research would know that you are the most eligible candidate as according to the constitution. Therefore, I propose an opportunity for you alone to make your case. I would love, support, and help accomplish an opportunity for you to make your case on the national medium to speak. If thirty minutes is what we have to work with, than so be it. If you need to spend the majority of your campaign money to make it happen, than so be it.

    Dr. Ron Paul, I beg you, if America only knew the candidate that you were: you would be elected in a heart beat. Please, start the initiative to isolate yourself from the other candidates. The only way you will win this presidential debate, and election is if you are allotted some time on national networks (that of course is advertised ahead of schedule) to prove who you are and what you stand for. Otherwise, the national media (no matter who the perpetrator may be) will not allow you to be represented in the complete extent of who you actually are.

    We, supporters of Ron Paul, must not depend on any institution in which depends on the status quo. In order to empower Dr. Ron Paul, we must isolate him.

    If you are a Ron Paul supporter, you will join me in demanding Dr. Ron Paul, and the national media, to establish an allotted amount of time alone on national quorums to make your case. In this way I believe you will spend your money effectively, and you will separate yourself from not only the big government liberals, but the assumed conservatives that support the other side of big government.

    You are a libertarian, a true protector of our constitution. You are exactly what we need in a time where we have lived beyond our means for so many years. You are exactly what we need in a time where government has absorbed many of our personal liberties. You are the President that America desperately needs.

  • Chris

    Awesome as always! Loved when you schooled Santorum LOL!

  • Truth Is Self-Evident

    Ron Paul all the way!

    Hope everyone voted over on FoxNews’ poll right after the debate?

    Ron Paul was winning there too.

    ps- The people voting for Bachmann, did you see the same debate I did?

  • ron

    Looks like Fox news won the debate.

  • Kyle

    Ron Paul won it hands down. He is the only candidate that cares about Freedom and Peace is what we need. We dont need to be bullies to the world its time we start trading and talking with people instead of starting wars.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Keith holman

    I hate to say it, but I think Dr. Paul dropped the ball on this debate. I have read his books and watched all of his speeches to the Congress so I know what Dr. Paul is about and I fully support him. But… the problem lies with the popularity contest voters who make up the majority of the country. We as a nation seem to favor the candidate who “looks and speaks like a president”. How many people voting in the Republican Primary have read “Manifesto” or “End the Fed”? How many people in the Republican party are economic majors and truly understand Dr. Pauls stance on the federal reserve bank? I say NOT VERY MANY!!! (unfortunately) So… because I STRONGLY believe in everything Ron Paul stands for and fights for, I have to say with utmost honesty, that Dr. Paul consistently drops the ball in these made for TV, entertaining, debates. I will be a Ron Paul supporter for life, but I am worried that we dont have a chance because we dont appeal to the uneducated voter. RP2012!!!!!!!

    • Ron is a great debater his only problem is that he has not taken as many public speaking classes as the others do just to look pretty on tv, thats how you know he is a real individual when he does get caught up in his words when speaking so fast because he is passionate about what he says.

    • Matthew Gardner

      Unfortunately, I have to agree. I do not believe that you were allowed the time that you needed to make your case. I do believe that when any candidate (besides Cane and Bachmann) had the opportunity to attack you, they did.

      This is because there is an elitist group of individuals in this country, despite which side they claim, who decides for the public and portrays the truth in a way in which they see fit.

      I think that if you were allowed to be heard out, Dr. Ron Paul, you would gain the majority of liberals, libertarians, conservatives, and independents. I believe that people really don’t care about the social issues right now, and ultimately that should be left to the states to decide. What we care about is the stability and longevity of the United States of America, and you are the only candidate most in line with the principles that started, and perpetuated the greatness of this nation.

      I support you 100% no matter what. I would be willing to fight in a revolution to empower you or your son if that was what it would take to reestablish our personal liberties.

      “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
      -Thomas Jefferson

    • JG

      I agree that in his methods we may have the odds stacked against us as Paul supporters.

      That being said, I’d rather vote for the authentic candiadate that sticks to his guns – even if he loses – rather than voting for the “lesser evil” who wins the popularity contest.

      Even if I knew my vote would go down without making a difference, I’m still voting for Ron Paul. All we can do is use our votes to send a message… and I intend to do so.

  • Phillip

    Dr Paul was & as always consistant with all his answers, boring to the status quo aswell as alot of the sheeple watching who are yet to get it, but very consistant overall.

    The other candidates are so far removed from the cause for Liberty & Freedom that its
    just so humorous to watch them clinging on to and arguing the swiss cheese positions, oh well Ron Paul came thru again, Faux news really has’nt changed at all but i’m not surprised by any of their bile they spit anymore now.

    Ron Paul is my President.

  • Pete

    I am a diehard Democrat that us changing party’s to vote for Ron Paul for president! He is Americas only hope! The rest of the candidates on both sides are a complete disgraceful failure! You know what’s said? The republican party will block Ron again like they did in 2008! Maybe it’s time for Ron to reconsider what side he should be on! Republican or Democrat I will vote for the man!

    • That’s why he stresses he is a libertarian/Republican

  • Tom Weiss

    You did, Ron – by a country MILE.

    I wish they would ask the candidates it it is legal for states to pay their debts in FRNs – given the terms of Article One Section 10 of the Constitution… ;~))

    Most of the questions revealed FOX to be a tool of the Federal Reserve like all the rest, and they sure minimized your face time – Ron, YOU are the candidate they are really afraid of! FOX is in the tank for Plastic Man Romney.

    Your voting record beats the rest of them like a DRUM!

  • RussinMS

    Newt sounded articulate , with some good conservative answers . But you had the passion , Doc , and I love to see that the “mainstream” has decided that you’re not “fringe” anymore . I stood and shouted in my own living room , along with the audience in Iowa , at your response that the wars were stupid , expensive , and stupid .

    Who can be against a policy of increasing liberty and eliminating war ? The network-anointed “frontrunners ” can go home . Does anybody really think we need to let MSNBC choose the republican nominee *again* ??

  • Is it just me, but I feel like they shorted Ron Paul on questions.

    • Joey

      Of course they did. They’re scared to death of him and you can bet the bank they’re already trying to figure out how to get rid of him.

  • Tyler

    well i realized tonight Rick Santorum is a far cry from educated and having a clue about whats going on in the world. Thank goodness Ron Paul put him in his place. what a joke of a candidate

  • shawn hannity website ron paul 8216,bachmann 4678, 2 to 1
    you go ron and god bless

  • Erik

    Ron Paul did a fantastic job once again. I hope more Americans are converting to support Ron Paul!

  • Thomas a Swihart

    Go figure Mr Paul speaks the truth again.Bottom line Americans better wake up and realize this is your future.This is what Mr Paul belives in Less Government,End the Wars,Abolish the Fed Reserve and the IRS Flat Tax all the way across the board.

  • William

    Like I posted earlier its been Said there are 2 candidates t6o Vote for Ron Paul and Not Ron Paul this sounded like a blend of the same ol stuff till Ron Paul spoke especially when they stated talking About the Wars and Iran Ron definately won and he is getting Much stronger with every debate that passes by people get more and more scared to challenge him I noticed when they were asking everyone else about there crappy records they skipped right over Ron Paul

  • Tim Schnell

    Ron Paul won hands down!

  • Thinker

    so Santorum said that Iran is a threat because they deny rights to gays and women. Hmmm…interesting

    • JG

      I KNOW. I heard this and then heard what he turned around later and said about civil unions

      I don’t attack personal opinions until you contradict yourself – which Santorum did. How could he go out and voluntarily talk about how middle eastern countries are opressing gays’ rights when he did the exact same thing when he was asked about social issues.

      I was shocked.

      I support civil unions/gay marriage, and I support Ron Paul. I am fine that Ron Paul isn’t personally for those rights, because I know that he doesn’t support a federal amendment based on his personal agenda. He supports the voters’ and states’ rights and doesn’t beleive the church should be involved in government affairs (and vice versa).

      It’s interesting how I can disagree with him on a personal level but still support him for president. His policies just make sense to me… he isn’t forcing anyone to embrace his personal views… he wants the people to decide for themselves.

  • Sam

    Thank you, sir; you were the only person on that panel who spoke any sense. The other candidates followed the same routine (especially in the closing address); they spoke sweet nothings in our ears. But Ron Paul actually (throughout the debate) made the viewer think and weigh options and consequences. This is something that has been missing from American politics for too many years. I just hope this will eventually become commonplace.