Ron Paul: Congressman, Physician, and Leader of a Revolution


Kristine Frazao: He is a force to be reckoned with. A three-time Presidential Candidate, Congressman from Texas, OB-Gyn doctor, and leader of a revolution.

Talk Show Host (video footage): We’re talking with Congressman Ron Paul.

Kristine Frazao: Ron Paul is now in Iowa…

Talk Show Host (video footage): Live from the Iowa State Fair.

Kristine Frazao: … at it again, campaigning for 2012.

Ron Paul (video footage): The booms and bust comes from a failed monetary system.

Kristine Frazao: And once again, his fans have come from all corners of the country to hear his message and show support.

Supporter 1: I’m from Kansas City, Missouri, and we’re here to support Ron Paul.

Supporter 2: Myself and my family of four kids and my wife drove from Las Vegas.

Kristine Frazao: A long-time critic of the federal government…

Ron Paul (video footage): The Constitution gives no authority for the federal government to run our educational systems, and they shouldn’t be doing it!

Kristine Frazao: … his policies are often called “radical.”

Ron Paul (video footage): Just think of how many nuclear weapons surround Iran. The Chinese are there. The Indians are there. The Pakistanis are there. The Israelis are there. The United States is there. All these countries—China has nuclear weapons. Why wouldn’t it be natural if they might want a weapon?

Kristine Frazao: But many of his anti-establishment ideas are becoming increasingly mainstream, as more and more Americans reject the status quo of past decades—especially his views on US foreign policy; in particular, the US role in Iraq and Afghanistan resonate with voters.

Ron Paul (video footage): I don’t believe our national security required it. I think we’re less safe for it. The threat of terrorism is related to our foreign policy. So I feel less safe because we’re over there. I never feel safer for the foreign policy that we have today.

Kristine Frazao: While often doubted by the mainstream media…

Reporter 1: If I was a betting woman, I’d say Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance–unfortunately for you. But who—is there a lack of enthusiasm over some of the top tier GOP candidates?

Reporter 2: Another question about electability: Do you have any, sir? There is always the question as to whether or not you are, in fact, viable.

Reporter 3: Looks like they paid more attention to you this time around.

Ron Paul: Oh, yeah. They’re moving my way.

Kristine Frazao: … his fans are some of the most loyal in American political history…

Supporter 2: We’ve been following Ron Paul since 1986.

Kristine Frazao: … perhaps, since he was here:

Morton Downey, Jr. (video footage): Congressman Paul—or I should say, Ron—you’re running for the Presidency of the United States.

Supporter 2: For thirty years, he’s not flip-flopped on anything except the death penalty. Everything else, strict Constitutional—Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater. So at least you know what you’re dealing with.

Kristine Frazao: And despite his 75 years, many of his fans look like this:

Supporter 3: He’s the man. He needs to be president.

Supporter 4: Well I think he’s a smart guy, and I think he would change things that need to be changed.

Supporter 5: Personally I would have described myself, prior to seeing Ron Paul in the 2008 election cycle, as a liberal Democrat. But I saw him up on stage talking against the wars, against these violations of our civil liberties. I’m like, “Why aren’t the Democrats saying this?”

Kristine Frazao: … or even this:

Supporter 6: We need to fix the country. We’ve maxed out our debt ceiling as it is. And then we’re in too many countries.

Kristine Frazao: And this is where it all happens: The famous Iowa Straw Poll, here at Iowa State University. Now Ron Paul has reportedly already sold thousands of tickets. This is where I’ll be spending most of tomorrow, as people cast their votes. Most people here think he will do exceptionally well. The question is, Can he come in first? It’s an answer we’ll have to wait till tomorrow to find out. Reporting in Ames, Iowa, Kristine Frazao, RT.


  • Good thing this is only RT news, I thought real news was predicting this. Phew, close call. Keep this psycho away from my federal student loans! lol. (good thing he won’t win)

  • Good thing this is only RT news, I thought real news was predicting this. Phew, close call. Keep this psycho away from my federal student loans! lol. (good thing he won’t win)


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    0:58 is real talk. Ron is the real DEAL!!

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